Weakened Mega celebrated against Krka for the fifth victory of the season!

Mega Soccerbet played another quality match since they defeated Krka with 71:70 (17:14, 19:17, 15:23, 20:16) in the 7th round of the ABA league. In the match that was played without the presence of the audience in the Hall of Sports Ranko Zeravica, the team of coach Vladimir Jovanovic came to victory in an exciting finish as they managed to keep the ball in the last 10 seconds of the match with the result 71:70.  Coach of Mega could not count on Filip Petrusev while insufficiently recovered Stefan Momirov have not entered the game.

The most efficient in the ranks of Mega was Marko Simonovic with 17 points, while Milenko Tepic scored 10. Rok Stipcevic stood out in the Krka team with 16 points.

Special guests in this match were Nikola Jokic and Nikola Pekovic, who accompanied Mega’s victory from the stands.

After seven rounds of the ABA league, Mega Soccerbet has a score of 5-2, while Krka remained on one victory with six defeats. In the next round, Mega’s opponent on the road in Slovenia is Koper Primorska, and the match is scheduled for Saturday, November 21 at 7 p.m.

Vladimir Jovanovic started the match with the following five: Smith, Novak, Cazalon, Simonovic, Matkovic. A good start for Matkovic, who closes the racket well with a great block and picked up rebounds, and then scores after an offensive rebound. Cazalon with a triple and Tepic with points from the mid range gave Mega an advantage of 11:6 in the middle of the quarter. Excellent cooperation between guards and centers had brought new points from the racket for Matkovic, so the Krka’s coach had to request a time-out with two and a half minutes until the end of the period with the result 15:8. However, by the end of the quarter, Krka caught the connection with two three-pointers, so the result after 10 minutes of the game is 17:14.

With the points of Misković and Smith, Mega opens the second quarter with a series of 6:0. Krka interrupts the Mega’s series with a new triple, which, on the other hand, continued with an excellent defense. With the result of 27:20, several great actions and the defenses of Mega followed, and Simonovic brought a plus 14 with a triple, 34:20. After an unsportsmanlike foul by Cerovina, Krka managed to catch the momentum and reduce the advantage to five points by the end of the half, 36:31.

Krka opened the second half with 5:0, and Novak returned the advantage to Mega with his characteristic shot from one leg, and then with free throws, 40:36. The guests from Slovenia reached plus three with threes, but Tepic retaliates with the same measure. Problems in the defense of Mega, the guests manage to punish and take the lead with a plus 6, 48:54. Cerovina hits an important three, and in the finish Mega misses the opportunity to regain the lead, so the result before the last 10 minutes of the game is 51:54.

The guests keep the advantage with threes at the beginning of the last quarter, but Simonovic with “Coast to Coast” lay-u under a foul and Miškovic with three plus one successfully respond to Krka’s defense, and Tepic returned the advantage to Mega with a three from the corner, 61:60. Simonovic corrects Mega’s miss and then hits a three. An extremely exciting finish of the match followed. With the result of 70:68, several missed attacks from both sides followed, Smith hit one free throw at 23 seconds until the end, Stipcevic was then accurate both times. After Mega’s time-out, in the remaining 10 seconds, Vladimir Jovanovic’s team managed to keep the ball, Krka’s players did not manage to commit a foul, so Mega celebrated with 71:70.

Mega Soccerbet: Miskovic 8, Smith 8, Tepic 10, Kljajevic, Momirov, Novak 8, Simonovic 17 (7 rebounds), Jovicic, Cerovina 7, Matkovic 8 (3 blocks), Cazalon 5, Langovic.

Krka: Medved, Stergar 2, Camphor 13, Stipcevic 16, Vrabac 2, Baric 8, Kosi 10, Skific 2, Skedelj, Lapornik 6, Rebec, Vucetic 11.

Photo: Mega Soccerbet/Ivica Veselinov