On Sunday, November 15, at 1 pm, Mega Soccerbet will meet Krka within the 7th round of the ABA league, and the game will be played without spectators in the Hall of sports Ranko Zeravica due to the well-known situation after the Covid-19 pandemic. Coach Vladimir Jovanovic’s team celebrated in Cacak in the last round, so they will have the opportunity to fight against Krka for the fifth victory of the season.

At the last regular testing, which is performed before every game of the ABA league, one player of Mega was positive on Covid-19, and in accordance with the regulations, he is in self-isolation with milder symptoms of the virus.

Before the duel against Krka, Mega’s coach Vladimir Jovanovic pointed out that regardless of the opponent’s game, his team must be turned towards itself every game:

– On Sunday, we will play a game against Krka, which showed a very similar game in all six rounds, regardless of the final result. They have a clear idea of what they want in attack and defense, they play a very aggressive defense, both on the whole and in the middle of the field, and in that way they try to establish their rhythm of the game. In the attack, they play very wide, where positions four and five are threats in the shot for three points, and thus open a large space for the guards to play. Regardless of all that, we have to turn in every game to ourselves. We are a very young team that has room for improvement in all segments of the game and every duel in this competition must be an opportunity for us to do so. I believe that we can provide another quality match, and the condition for that is to be concentrated on both parts of the field for all 40 minutes of the game,

said coach of Mega.

After six rounds of the ABA league, Mega Soccerbet has a score of 4-2, while Krka recorded one victory and five defeats. The two teams so far have met 12 times in the ABA league with a score of 7-5 for Mega. In the last official match between these two teams, which was played in the 17th round last season, Mega celebrated at home with 88:61. In the last round, Mega was better than Borac in Cacak with 83:97, while Krka lost at home to Mornar with 74:84.

Guard of Mega Dayshon “Scoochie” Smith stated that after the victory in the last round in Cačak, his team wants to continue in the right direction:

– In the game against Krka, we have to be focused for all 40 minutes. We played well in the last round, we are back on the winning track. In relation to that match, we want to upgrade our game and continue in the right direction,

said Smith.

The match Mega Soccerbet – Krka will be played on Sunday, November 15 at 1 pm in the Hall of Sports Ranko Zeravica without the presence of the audience, with a live broadcast on TV Arena Sport.

Photo: Mega Soccerbet/Ivica Veselinov