In the 9th round of the ABA League, Mega MIS triumphed over Cibona with a score of 83:69 in their away game in Zagreb (18:15, 11:20, 20:23, 20:25). Under the guidance of coach Marko Barać, Mega MIS seized control towards the end of the second quarter and steadily built their lead throughout the game with minimal fluctuations. By the closing moments of the third quarter, they had secured a double-digit advantage and further extended it at the beginning of the decisive period, ultimately claiming their fifth victory of the season after nine rounds, boasting a record of 5-4. Cibona suffered their first defeat after three consecutive victories, leaving them with a 3-6 record.

Omercan Ilyasoglu emerged as the top scorer with 18 points, closely followed by Nikola Đurišić with 17. However, the most valuable player for Mega MIS was Andrija Jelavić, contributing 15 points and eight rebounds for a PIR of 19. Nikola Topić added 12 points along with five assists.

For Cibona, Tomislav Buljan and Jakov Mustapić both scored 13 points, while Krešimir Radovčić and Aleksandar Aranitović contributed 11 each.

Mega MIS had a slightly better start to the match but failed to establish a significant lead early on. The home team managed to level the score in the middle of the first quarter and then took a three-point lead into the first break. The game remained close until the latter half of the second quarter when Barać’s team initiated a 7-0 run, allowing them to go into halftime with a six-point lead (29-35).

Despite Cibona starting the third quarter with five consecutive points, Topić led Mega MIS on a 10-2 run to create some distance. However, the Zagreb team quickly closed the gap to just two points. Yet, towards the end of the quarter, Đurišić, Jović, and Jelavić orchestrated another run, giving Mega MIS a comfortable lead heading into the final period (49-58). Miljenović and Iljasolu then extended the lead at the start of the decisive quarter, securing the victory. Barać’s young team maintained a double-digit advantage without major issues, securing their fifth win of the season.

In the upcoming round, Mega MIS will face the Studentski Centar team away, with the match in Podgorica scheduled for Monday, December 4, at 6:00 PM.

Mega MIS: Paunović, Miljenović 8, Jelavić 15 (8 rebounds, efficiency index 19), Kobzystyi 2, Ilyasoglu 18, Đurišič 17, Kovačević, Plavšić 2 (8 rebounds), Jović 7 (5 rebounds), Topić 12 (5 assists), Malovec 2

Cibona: Vuković 7, Radovčić 11, Perasović, Mustapić 13, Proleta, Majcunić 5, Pavković, Aranitović 11, Stein 5, Buljan 13, Katanović, Bošnjak 4

Photo: Cibona/Ivana Dergez