In the fifth round of the Serbian Super League, Mega MIS basketball players convincingly defeated Vojvodina in the Mega Factory hall 96:64 (19:8, 31:20, 22:23, 24:13). Marko Barac’s team already gained a double-digit advantage in the first quarter, as they allowed only eight points to the rival in ten minutes. The fight flared up in the continuation, and the game was played at a much higher pace, but that did not prevent the Mega players from increasing their lead, and they met halftime with a 22-point surplus. Everything was quite clear at the beginning of the decisive period when Barac’s team gained an unattainable plus 32 with 11 tied points and routinely ended the match.

With the triumph, Mega maintained the leading position in Group B with a 4-1 score, as it has an advantage in the head-to-head duels with second-placed Borac Mozzarta, which has an identical record. Vojvodina suffered its third defeat (2-3), while Metalac did not register a single victory (0-5).

The most effective in the fourth victory of Mega MIS was Matej Rudan with 17 points, but the most useful was captain Luka Cerovina with 16 points, five rebounds, and three assists and blocks for a PIR of 25. Danko Branković was also excellent, with 11 points, nine rebounds, and four blocks (PIR 21), while Aleksa Uskoković had 13 points and seven assists. Malcolm Cazalon also finished in double figures with 14 points.

The triumph over Vojvodina will be especially remembered by the talented Andrej Mušicki and Bogoljub Marković, who scored their first points as seniors against the Novi Sad team.

In Vojvodina, Dušan Beslać stood out with 21 points, while Nikola Gaćeša added 11.

Former Mega MIS basketball player Marko Simonović attended the match of the fifth round of the Superliga in the Mega Factory hall. The Montenegrin national team player wore the jersey of the Belgrade club from 2019 to 2021, after which he was chosen as the 44th pick in the NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls, of which he is still a member today.

After a hard and balanced start, Mega established control and closed the first quarter with a 15:2 run, and welcomed the second quarter with an 11-point lead (19:8). Vojvodina managed to reduce the deficit to five points after a few minutes of play in the second quarter, but a new push of Barca’s players followed. Rudan flashed, and Mega immediately turned five extra points into 19 (16:2 run). It didn’t stop there, as Mega increased the difference until the big break, and after 20 minutes, the scoreboard read 50:28.

Very quickly, in the third part, it became clear that the guests from Novi Sad did not have the strength to catch the rivals. Barac’s team increased the surplus to 29 points, which Vojvodina only managed to reduce to 21 before the decisive 10 minutes (72:51). Mega then opened the fourth quarter with an 11:0 run, made an unattainable lead and paved the way to a convincing victory.

In the last round of the Super League of Serbia group stage, the Mega MIS basketball players are visiting the Metalac in Valjevo, and the match is scheduled for Saturday, May 27, from 7:00 pm. The victory will secure Marko Barać’s team first place and placement in the semi-finals of the domestic competition.

Mega MIS: Branković 11 (9 rb), Rudan 17, Uskoković 13 (7 as), Cazalon 14, Cerovina 16, Paunović 4, Kovačević 7, Marković 2, Terzić, Jović, Mušicki 2

Vojvodina: Beslać 21, Gaćeša 11, Mitrović 3, Manojlović 9, Jovović, Banjac, Nedeljkov 3, Ljubičić 9, Dimitrije Bulović, Pešaković, Čampara, Stanojević

Photo: Mega MIS/Ivica Veselinov