The playoff series against Borac starts on Sunday!

Mega Mozzart successfully overcame the second obstacle in the playoffs of the Super League, as they celebrated with 2:0 against Borac in the semifinal series, and the first final duel against Borac awaits them on Sunday at 12 o’clock. The match will be played in the Mega Factory hall and entrance to the match will be free.

Like the previous series, this one will be played in the best of three, with the fact that after the first duel on Sunday at 12 o’clock in Belgrade, the second will be played on Tuesday at 6 pm in Cacak and the eventual third game will be on Thursday, May 26 at 18:00 in the hall of Mega Factory.

The winner of this series will advance to the semifinals of the playoffs, where they will play with the current Serbian champion Crvena zvezda.

Before the first duel against Borac, Mega’s coach Vladimir Jovanovic stated that the desire of his players to outplay Borac must be extraordinary:

– I am very glad that we managed to enter the finals of the Super League in this new team with six new players. These four previous games we played changeably, we had periods and more than quality play, but also periods with a lot of problems in the game. It was certainly to be expected that such things happen to us, considering that we were together for a short period before the first game, and counting these four games, it is certainly a short period to be able to function as one team. I think that we showed a high level of energy in most of the matches, and regardless of the result deficits in certain moments, we showed a desire to win and that we will not give up from the first to the last minute. We are playing against Borac, which we know very well, having in mind that we have played with them twice this season. They have a team composed of very experienced home players who are characterized by attacking basketball, they play very wide with a lot of shots for three points. I will think that the job will be well done, regardless of the final result, if we really show extraordinary motivation from the first to the last minute. If we behave like that and enter the game like that, I will be more than satisfied considering the already mentioned things. Creating a team and togetherness takes time that we didn’t have, but regardless of all that, we have to be very motivated and that our desire to compete with Borac must be extraordinary,

said coach of Mega.

Mega’s Guard Luka Bogavac pointed out that against Borac, approach and energy must be at the highest level:

– We expect a tough match on both parts of the field. It is certain that we have to enter with maximum energy and concentration for all 40 minutes, which was not the case in the 2nd game with Vojvodina. We are very young, we certainly lack experience, but that must not be our alibi because the approach to the game and the energy must be at the highest level if we want to achieve a positive result,

said Bogavac.

The first game of the finals of the first part of the Super League playoffs against Borac will be played on Sunday, May 22, at 12 o’clock in the Mega Factory hall, with free entrance.

Photo: Mega Mozzart/Ivica Veselinov