Great start to the semi-final series for Mega!

Mega Mozart started the semifinal series of the Superleague Playoffs with a more than convincing victory, as they defeated Vojvodina with 87:60 (28:12, 29:8, 13:25, 17:15) in the Mega Factory hall. Coach Vladimir Jovanovic’s team played a fantastic first half, which they finished with a 37-point advantage, in order to routinely bring the game to an end.

The most efficient in the ranks of Mega were Borisa Simanic with 18 and Samson Ruzhentsev with 16 points. Dušan Beslac stood out in Vojvodina with 16 points.

The semi-final series of the playoffs is also played in the best of three, and the second game is already on the program on Monday, May 16 at 7 pm in Novi Sad. The eventual third match will be played on Wednesday, May 18 in the Mega Factory hall.

Before the start of the game, the director of the Serbian Basketball League, Aleksandar Grujin, awarded Petra Kovacevic the trophy for the best rebounder of the first part of the competition, which Kovacevic deserved for the games for OKK Beograd, while his teammate from OKK Beograd Luka Mitrovic won the trophy for the best assistant.

Mega started the match with Uskokovic, Ruzhentsev, Cerovina, Simanic, Musikic. A good start for Mega, who with control of the jump and with several assists reaches plus 8. Run of Mega continues, so with the points of Uskokovic, coach Jovanović’s team has a 13-point advantage, and Bogavac set the result of the first quarter with a three-pointer from eight meters, 28:12.

Mega continued with great energy in the second quarter as well, with easy points from the counters, with excellent defense and many attractive moves. The advantage grew from minute to minute, and in the middle of the quarter it amounted to as many as 33 points, 51:18. The fantastic defense of Mega limited Vojvodina to only 2 points scored in the last 6 and a half minutes of the game in the second quarter, so Simanic brought Mega plus 37 with a strong dunk with two hands for 57:20 at halftime.

Mega had problems in the attack in the third quarter, which the guests from Novi Sad used to reduce the gap, but not to put it below 25 points. In the last quarter, the players who did not play much in the previous period also got a chance, and the final result was 87:60.

Mega Mozzart: Paunovic, Vujic 2, Ruzthentsev 16, Rudan 5, Uskokovic 10, Kocovic 3, Kovacevic 6, Cerovina 1 (5 assists), Grbovic 8, Simanic 18 (12 rebounds, index 28), Musikic 10, Bogavac 8.

Vojvodina: Kocic 3, Banjac 2, Beslac 16, Maric 4, Nedeljkov, Gacesa 7, Bjelica, Mirotic, Popovic 12, Rakicevic 12, Neal 4, Stanojevic.

Photo: Mega Mozzart/Ivica Veselinov