The second part of the competition in the Basketball League of Serbia starts on Saturday, in which Mega Mozzart will play with Sloboda from Uzice within the first game of the quarterfinals. teams from the ABA league (Red Star, Partizan and FMP). The players of coach Vladimir Jovanovic will start the competition in the playoffs from the quarterfinals, from which the final winner will join the semifinals of the playoffs with the remaining three teams from the ABA League (Crvena zvezda, Partizan and FMP).

The first duel between Mega and Sloboda is on the program on Saturday at 7 pm in the Mega Factory hall in Belgrade, and the entrance to the game will be free. The series is played for two victories, with the second match being played in Uzice on Monday, May 9, also at 7 pm, and the possible third match in the Mega Factory hall on Wednesday, May 11.

The winner of this quarterfinal series will go better in the semifinals from the duel between Sloga and Vojvodina.

Mega’s coach Vladimir Jovanovic will be able to count on the following 14 players in the playoffs: Luka Paunovic, Mladen Vujic, Samson Ruzhentsev, Matej Rudan, Aleksa Uskokovic, Nikola Kocovic, Petar Kovacevic, Luka Cerovina, Andrija Grbovic, Nikola Djurisic, Boriša Simanic, Danilo Labovic, Mihailo Musikic and Luka Bogavac.

Before the start of the competition in the Super League playoffs, Mega coach Vladimir Jovanović pointed out that the goal of his team is to be better from game to game:

– After 9 months of work and competition in the ABA league, we are entering a new competition, the Super League, which is played according to the playoff system as in the previous season. We were left without the backbone of the team and the practically young team that played in the ABA league will be even younger. We had very little time to try to incorporate the part of the team that played in the ABA league with the guys who came 7 days ago. Regardless of all that, and considering that we are very young, I hope that our desire, energy and motivation will be at a high level. Accordingly, our ambition is to stay in the playoffs as long as possible and to raise the level of team play through the competition itself. The team of Sloboda, a few previous seasons like this one, has been selecting very high-quality domestic and young players who have managed to affirm that they are going to a higher level. Oliver Popović has been doing a very good job all these seasons, regardless of the fact that several players left the backbone of the team, he managed to replace them with new players and to promote them. We will be turned to us, we will try to come out in front of every opponent with maximum motivation and try to be better from game to game,

said coach Mege.

Mega’s captain Luka Cerovina commented on the match against Sloboda, which will be played on Saturday:

– The first game in the playoffs against Sloboda awaits us on Saturday. We have the advantage of the home court and we have to use that. We practiced well in the previous period, we have a changed team in relation to the ABA league, there are several new players and this will be a real challenge for all of us. We must not relax for a moment, because we have little room to correct mistakes. With the right approach and engaged game from the start, I believe we can justify the role of favorites against Sloboda,

said captain of Mega.

First game of the quarterfinals of the Super League playoffs against the Sloboda will be played on Saturday, May 7, at 7 pm in the Mega Factory hall, with free entrance.

Photo: Mega Mozzart