Mega Bemax defeated Igokea with 87:76 (30:18, 19:22, 20:28, 18: 8) in the 20th round of the regional competition played before 1200 spectators in Hall of sports Ranko Zeravica. Coach Dejan Milojevic’s players, aware of the great importance of the match, had big ups and downs in the game, as they led by 19 points in the second quarter, but Igokea was able to reverse the match in the second half. With 6 minutes remaining at the 73:76 score and without Simonovic who had to go to the bench due to a 5th personal foul, Mega played a fantastic defense and closed the match with a 14:0 run for a big celebration on the floor.

The most efficient in the Mega Bemax ranks were Kendrick Perry with 19 points and Edin Atic with 16, while Luka Cerovina, who had 11 points and 5 rebounds, was brilliant at key moments. In away team featured Djordje Gagic with 21 points and Keenan Evans with 19 points.

After 20 rounds of the ABA League, Mega Bemax has a score of 6-14 to go up to 9th place while Igokea has one win more. The next game of Mega Bemax will be played on Monday, March 9th at 9 pm when they will play away against the current leader in standings Partizan NIS.

Today was especially lucky for Ivan Stanacev, who in the break between the first and second quarters hit a shot from the half court for TV, a gift from Tehnomania. and at halftime, the youth categories of BC Flash played a mini basketball game.

Dejan Milojevic started the match with Perry, Paunic, Atic, Miskovic and Simonovic. Mega opens the match with a brilliant dunk of Perry, and then followed 0:6 run of Igokea, and Mega responded with 7:0. Paunic manages to score from the drive, Atic is accurate for three on two occasions, but Igokea punished the lost balls to stay in tight match. Simonovic perfectly flips Gagic under the basket for 2 plus 1 and then in a counter with brilliant dunk brings plus 6 Mega, 23:17 to just under 3 minutes by the end of the quarter. With a great defense, Mega comes up with easy points and a 11-0 for 30:18 after 10 minutes of play.

Mega’s fantastic defense continued into the second quarter as they led with 37:18 to end the 20-1 run that began at the end of the first quarter. This was followed by a weaker period in the Mega’s game, which allowed a few offensive rebounds to Igokea’s players, who made 0:9 run to cut to 10 points difference, 37:27. However, after Milojevic’s timeout, Mega tied the rows, Atic brought Mega plus 15, Igokea with threes managed to cut the minus to 7 points but Asceric with tip-in set the score at the halftime, 49:40.

Cerovina tied two triples early in the second half for a lead of Mega with 57:43, but another weak period ensued in a game of Mega that fails to handle several situations under the basket of Igokea, while guests from paint andd free throws melt away Mega’s advantage. With the 4 minutes by the end of the quarter Igokea came up with 3 points, 62:59 and a big problem were the 4th personal fouls of Simonovic and Cerovina. Free throws to Igokea which equalized, 62:62. Several shots of Mega “leaked” from the basket, and Lesic managed to bring the lead for the guests 63:66. Mesicek hits an important three, then two free throws, and the score before the last 10 minutes is 69:68.

After Simonovic’s dunk, the young center of Mega gets a 5th foul after offensive foul, and then Thomas hits a three for 71:71. Macura hits two free throws but guests answered with 0:5 run. With just under 6 minutes remaining at 73:76, Mega completely closed all approaches to the basket by the end of the match, leaving Igokea with no points. On the other hand, Miskovic first strikes a three-pointer from the corner, and then Perry is precise, so that Cerovina after offensive rebound scored a key three for 82:76 with the 2-and-a-half minute before the end. Igokea loses 2 balls in attack and Perry and Atic with effective layup and dunk brought a calm finish to Mega for the final 87:76 and a big celebration of Mega’s players on the floor.

Mega Bemax: Miskovic 5, Perry 19 (7 assists), Atic 16 (6 rebounds), Marjanovic, Asceric 9 (6 rebounds), Simonovic 11, Cerovina 11, Macura 2, Tanaskovic 2, Langovic, Paunic 4, Mesicek 8.

Igokea: Evans 19, Simeunovic 4, Lesic 4, Nikolic, Green 9, Ilic 6, Kocic, Tomas 13, Gagic 21 (10 rebounds), Vulic, Mustapic.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov