Mega Bemax players have started season in the ABA league excellent since they celebrated 79:80 against the domestic Igokea in an exciting finish in Laktasi.

At the press conference after the match, the coach of Mega Bemax Dejan Milojevic did not hide the pleasure:

– I’m satisfied with the victory because Igokea certainly made the best team in the last few years. However, I believe in my young team and I knew we could play against everyone. I asked the players to be solid and patient, we controlled the game most of the game, but when you have young players like Mega, oscillations are inevitable. In the end we were in a situation we could lose the game, but we were strong enough and brave enough in the end and managed to win an important and worthy victory. I really think that from here many teams will not come out with a win, when you have a team that is so young then such a victory means a lot of confidence,

Milojevic said, and on the journalists’ question to comment on the advantage that Mega dropped, coach of Mega pointed out the following:

– By the end of the third period we forgot some players in the defence, we made some fouls in the bonus and Igokea knew how to punish that. However, after that we managed to rise and because of that I am particularly pleased,

Milojevic said.

Finally, reporters were interested in that Mega’s coach comment players who are candidates for the NBA draft next year:

– Our main goal is to make as many quality players as possible and, in addition, quality people, to prepare them to live from basketball and I think we have been doing this very well for years. Of course, we also want to win every match we can,

Milojevic finished.

Photo: Mega Bemax