Mega Bemax started the new season in the ABA league triumph after winning the match against Igokea with 79:80 (15:18, 18:22, 20:21, 26:19) after a thrilling finish in Laktasi. Players of coach Dejan Milojevic had a plus 18 in the third period so that the home team eventually had a shot from the half-court for win, but were not precise. Coach of Mega at this match because of injury could not count on Branislav Ratkovica.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Goga Bitadze with 24 points (12 rebounds) and Kostja Mushidi with 16 points while Tomislav Zubcic scored 29 points in the home team. The next Mega game will be played on October 6th in Sremska Mitrovica, starting at 19:00 when they will meet FMP. The entrance to the match will be free.

Dejan Milojevic began the match with the following five: Asceric, Mokoka, Mushidi, Fundic, Bitadze. There are much fouls at the start of the match where Mega after 2 minutes of the game enters the bonus, with the replacement of teams in the minimum lead. Mushidi is good in offence with 7 points scored. In the finish of quarter Carapic had good pass for Fundic and then hit triple for 13:15. Mushidi hits another three and Lesic was precise for the home team with free throws, so the score is after the first 10 minutes is 15:18.

Carapic hits the three and Bitadze is 2 times good under the basket, so Mega keeps the lead. Mega’s players briefly stopped in the attack, but they compensate it for this with a good defense where Bitadze showed off with two blocks. Mushidi hits another three and then Mokoka with a good drive for the first two-digit lead, 23:33. Igokea is able to drop the difference to 5 points, but after the break, Fundic returns to plus 10 after the rebound in attack and Bitadze hit three, so the result is 33:40 at the half-time.

After halftime break, Mega’s players continued with a good game on both sides of the court, Bitadze is excellent under the basket, and Mushidi with the 4th triple brings plus 13, 39:52. Mega at one point had 18 points advantage, but Igokea with a 9:0 series in the finish dropped the minus 8 points for 53:61 at the end of the third quarter.

Mokoka and Fundic hit for plus 12 for Mega at the beginning of the last quarter, but again Igokea returns with a series of points so the difference is 4 points 61:65. Bitadze hits from a difficult position under the basket, Fundic scores for 2 plus 1 and the advantage is again double-digit, 61:71. In the finish Bitadze at plus 5, he blocked Igokeа’s player in counter, and then tip in after offensive rebounds. Mokoka hits the triple for the plus 8 in less than two minutes to finish. In a thrilling finish, Marjanovic at 73:76 hit the triple, but the decocentration cost Mega new points. Three seconds before the end, Mushidi missed both free throws, but Radivojevic did not score a three point from half, so Mega’s players came to a well deserved victory.

Igokea: Johnson 4, Kell 11, Talic, Lesic 11, Adamovic 5, Zubcic 29, Milosevic, Radivojevic 3, Ilic 2, Rikic 4, Lorbek 5, Gavin 5.

Mega Bemax: Mushidi 16 (6 assists), Janjic, Mokoka 8 (8 rebounds), Marjanovic 6, Asceric 5, Miskovic 2, Carapic 6, Bitadze 24 (12 rebounds), Koprivica, Fundic 11 (6 rebounds), Atic, Stanic 2.

Photo: Igokea/Nenad Vuruna