Basketball players of Mega Bemax decimated by the injuries did not manage to win against group A leaders since Borac from Cacak celebrated with 81:88 (18:25, 23:22, 21:18, 19:23) within the match of the 4th round of the Super League played in the hall Mega Factory in Belgrade. The players of Dejan Milojevic were in the game until final quarter, but they did not have the strength and concentration for win. Coach of Mega on this match because of injuries could not count on even five players, Andrija Marjanovic, Luka Asceric, Ognjen Jaramaz, Kostja Mushidi and Mihailo Jovicic, so juniors Bogdan Nedeljkovic and Altin Islamovic took the place in the roster.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Goga Bitadze with 18 points, and Ognjen Carapic and Aleksandar Lazic with 16 points. Dusan Kutlesic with 18 and Marko Stojadinovic with 17 points were best in Borac. in the team. After 4 rounds, Mega has a score of 1-3 while Borac is still undefeated, and in the next round on Monday, April 30 at 20:00, Mega plays away against Zlatibor.

Milojević started the match with the following five: Carapic, Marjanovic, Lazic, Miskovic, Bitadze. At the beginning of the match, Miskovic and Bitadze withs points got mega to 7:2, but Borac with 2 triples gets to the 0:8 series and lead 7:10. Bitadze is two times precise with free throws, and then two times Fundic is good under the paint for the lead 16:15. There followed a bad finish by the players of Mega that the guests from Cacak used to finish the first quarter in their favor, 18:25.

Borac in the second quarter gets to a double-digit advantage, 25:36, but Cerovina hits triple for Mega and then joins Bitadze. However, due to bad rebound control, Borac score points from second attacks and thus maintain an advantage. Carapic in the last minute with triple sets the score at half-time, 41:47.

In the middle of the third quarter, Mega on the wings of Lazic and Miskovic comes to equalize, 55:55, but the problem is the fourth personal foul of Carapic and Cerovina. Lazic does not allow the guests to get away, so they went to the break before the last quarter with score 62:65.

Islamovic hit hard lay-up at the start of the last quarter, but then Cerovina must go to the bench for the 5th personal foul. Guests from Cacak have used open positions on several occasions to score three, so the minus of Mega rose to 11 points with 6 minutes to the. In the next few minutes, Borac’s  players successfully punished each mistake in the defense of and with a few hit threes eventually won the match 81:88.

At the break in the half time, a competition was held for the Roda gift packs.

Mega Bemax: Music, Nedeljkovic, Carapic 16 (6 assists), Bitadze 18 (4 blocks), Lazic 16 (6 rebounds), Koprivica, Samardziski 4, Miskovic 14, Cerovina 6 (5 rebounds and 5 assists), Fundic 5, Islamovic 2.

Borac: Popovic, Kutlesic 18, Pesakovic 15, Balaban 3, Prlja 1, Dimic 8, Stojadinovic 17, Radulovic 3, Gavrilovic, Todorovic 7, Carapic 3, Marinovic 13.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov