Now former basketball player of Mega Leks Boris Savovic is a new player of Umana Reyer Venice, currently sixth ranked team in the Italian Championship and Eurocup participant. He played his last match for Mega in Sunday’s win against Tajfun (92:70).

Boris Savović came to the Clun at the end of December and at the four games he averaged 17 points (77.8% for two points) and 6.8 rebounds.

Before leaving for Italy, Savović thanked Mega for the given opportunities:

“First of all, I would like to thank all the people at the club, coaches, teammates, because all this time in Mega was beautiful. It is truly an extraordinary group of young men, who are very talented and that undoubtedly lie ahead remarkable career in front of them. It What struck me as the strongest impression is definitely the fact that Mega Leks is an extremely healthy environment that could wish every young player. Verification of the correctness of the concept is shown from day to day and I wish them luck andall the best in the season. One such a project such as Mega is well needed in Serbian basketball and I am extremely glad that I had the honor to even briefly be part of it”.

Savke, good luck in your career!

Photo: Ivica Veselinov / Mega Leks