Cadets of  Mega Leks in derby of 6th round of Triglav Cadet League of Serbia lost to Crvena zvezda Telekom with 90:92 (23:31, 22:17, 28:15, 17:29) and thus suffered their first defeat of the season.

Players of Nenad Canak in the first half were down by 11 points but they managed to make up for with an excellent third quarter, which they won with 28:15 and in the last 10 minutes gone with a plus 10. However, in a thrilling finish, Crvena zvezda Telekom has arrived to win with points after offensive rebounds. In the remaining time, cadets of Mega Leks failed to come to victory.

After 6 rounds, Mega Leks is at the 2nd place of Group A of Triglav Cadet League of Serbia with the score 5-1 and in the next round plays away in Nis against Nibak.

Mega Leks: Virijevic 15 (5 assists), Gosic, Simendic, Miskovic 18 (9 rebounds), Pavlovic 5, Matic 16 (5 assists), Nedeljkovic 2 (5 rebounds), Ilincic 4, Trifunovic, Pecarski 30 (16 rebounds, index 40).

Nenad Canak:,,It was a close game until the end. We went into the match very badly, and Zvezda opened their shooting well. In Second and third quarters we played a little quieter, without excessive nervousness that I do not know what caused. In the end he decided one ball, we had the game won practically, we didn’t guard rebound in defense after the free-throw, which is a basic thing, they grabbed the ball and won the game”.

Marko Pecarski:,,This was the derby of the round, and it was evident on the ground. It was very tied match. Some lost balls at crucial moments, jumps in the attack and that’s why we lost the game. We will try as soon as possible to forget this defeat and turn to the next opponent”.