In the third round match of Superleague Serbia, Metalac managed to win the away game against Mega Leks in Sremska Mitrovica. The result was 69:78 (24:21, 15:23, 19:22, 11:12). This was second win for Metalac in league while Mega will seek first win in the forthcoming match with Tamis.

Mega Leks started game with Miljenovic, Webster, Krstic, Jokic and Sulovic. Krstic opened match with three pointer and two free throws but Metalac answered immediately. The first problems for Mega arose when Jokic got his second personal foul. After a few exchanged points, Musli scored shortly after entering the game and later, with good defense, Mega comes to plus six. After offensive rebound Musli had behind the back pass for Nikolic, leaving him free under the basket. After that, Ljubicic got plus one for 24:21 after the first 10 minutes.

Metalac played good at the start of second quarter so Milojevic called timeout. Shortly after, Webster scored but Jokic got his third personal. After series of points of both sides, Metalac played better and finished half with a lead, 39:44.

Webster was in form at the start of second half but Metalac answered with couple of threes for 51:60. After a tip-in from Majstorovic, Metalac had the biggest lead, plus 11 (55:66) but Zagorac scored triple from his half in last second.

Mega Leks was playing good at the start of last quarter after points from Musli and Webster, the lead of Metalac was reduced to only 3, 63:66. After that, Mega Leks didn’t scored for a couple of minutes. Metalac used that and got lead in the game, plus 12 for 63:75. Mega cutted the minus (69:75) but Ljubicic scored triple in the last second for 69:78.

Mega Leks: Keselj, Krstić 7 pts, Jaramaz, Miljenovic 6 pts 6 reb and 5 as, Bojić, Jokic  5 pts, Sulović 2 pts and 6 reb, Webster 16 pts, Simovic, Zagorac 9 pts, Nikolic 10 pts and 6 reb, Musli 14 pts i 14 reb.

Ljubicic was the best in Metalac with 17 pts and 7 reb, Malesevic got 14 pts and 8 reb and Jevtovic 11 pts and 12 reb.

Next  game for Mega Leks is on Saturday, 9th of May against Tamis in Pancevo.

Danilo Nikolic:”Congratulations for Metalac. They had lot of offensive rebounds. We have very bad start in Superleague but we have to rise up and move on to the next game”.

Dejan Milojevic:”I congratulate Metalac, they played excellent match and showed bigger desire to win this game. They took advantage of our mistakes and got a lots of easy baskets. We allowed them easy rebounds even when the score was close. We ended the game frivolously and they scored triple after offensive rebound in last second. This was a blunder for us which we shouldn’t allow to happen but important thing is to get up and to be ready for next match”.