Mega MIS juniors finished their participation in the final ANGT Junior Euroleague tournament in Berlin in style, defeating Olimpia Milano 86-75 (23-20, 12-13, 33-25, 18-17) in the last round of the group stage. Dragoljub Avramović’s team shone in the third quarter, gaining a crucial advantage. They opened with an 11-0 run and closed the quarter with a half-court three-pointer from Aleksandar Vojinović. They maintained their lead in the final 10 minutes and secured second place in Group A with a 2-1 record.

The player of the game was Ognjen Nikolić, who had a double-double with 19 points, 10 rebounds, and a PIR of 25. Just behind him was Jack Kayil with 18 points and nine assists (PIR 24), and Abdramane Siby also achieved a double-double with 14 points and 14 rebounds (PIR 19). Urban Kroflič scored all of his 15 points in the crucial third quarter, also collecting eight rebounds and dishing out six assists. Aleksandar Vojinović added 12 points, six assists, and five rebounds.

The Mega MIS juniors left a great impression in Berlin, as they defeated Ulm by 31 points and Olimpia Milano by 11 points, while they fought until the end against the defending champions Real Madrid, losing by just five points in a close finish. Overall, they concluded their participation in the final ANGT Junior Euroleague tournament with 242 points scored and a point difference of +37.

Mega MIS: Kroflič 15 (8 rebs, 6 ast), Filipović, Danilović, Kayil 18 (9 ast, PIR 24), Solomun 2, Siby 14 (14 rebs, PIR 19), Karalić, Nikolić 19 (10 rebs, PIR 25), Srzentić, Vojinović 12 (6 ast, 5 rebs), Bačko, Milosavčević 6

Photo: 2024 Euroleague Basketball