Mega MIS basketball players secured their fourth victory in the ABA League, defeating Mornar convincingly 99-65 in the seventh round (16-23, 24-23, 6-23, 19-30). Coach Marko Barać’s team had a better start, leading with a double-digit difference in the first quarter, but the home team held on well until halftime. Then, Mega had a brilliant quarter after the break, allowing only six points to the opponent, gaining a significant advantage and securing the victory. They finished the job routinely in the last 10 minutes, improving their record to 4-3, while Mornar suffered their sixth loss (1-6).

Coach Marko Barać shared his thoughts after another triumph by his team:

A quality match for us. We opened the game defensively as we wanted, managed to find the rhythm and pace of play that we hoped would suit us tonight. Defensively, we didn’t respond well to Bojkins’ entrance, who is a completely new face, and we know him from previous seasons, so I was afraid that with freshness and motivation, he could cause us problems. He pushed Mornar’s team to catch up by the end of the second quarter. I congratulate the players on how they maintained concentration at halftime, changed the defensive strategy. In the second half, they forced Mornar’s players into tougher shots, which we managed to capitalize on through rebounds, running in the open court, and easier points. In the first half, Mornar had 11 points from second chances, in the second only two, which also speaks to our control of rebounds in the second half. This is certainly not the best performance by the hosts. I have great respect for everything they have been doing for years, including this season, and I really wish them the best of luck in the rest of the season,” said Barać.

In the next round of the ABA League, Mega MIS will host Krka at the Ranko Žeravica Sports Hall on Sunday, November 19, at 12:00.

Photo: Mornar-Barsko zlato/MEDIA PRO