On Thursday, May 27, at 12 o’clock, Mega Soccerbet will meet Vojvodina within the quarterfinals of the Super League playoffs, and the match will be played without spectators in the Mega Factory Hall due to the well-known situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. Coach Vladimir Jovanovic’s team played great games in the ABA league and the Radivoj Korac Cup this season, and now they are waiting for the competition in the Super League, which will be played from the quarterfinals according to the cup system in best of three.

Mega’s coach Vladimir Jovanovic first pointed out that his team worked well in the period between the end of the ABA league and the beginning of the playoffs:

– A month has passed between our two official matches, the last in the ABA league and this one at the beginning of the playoffs. That period is quite long and it should be filled in the right way, considering that it comes at a very inconvenient moment, which is nine months from the beginning of the season. Again, at the same time we made some changes in the playing staff, Jovan Novak came, Dragan Milosavljevic and Borisa Simanic joined us, so we are waiting for the start of the Super League playoffs in a changed roster in relation to the ABA league. Regardless of the already mentioned break that comes at an awkward moment, our youth obliged us to do well, which we finally fulfilled and prepared to welcome the start of the playoffs in the best possible light. The playoffs will be very demanding, a large number of matches are played for a short period of time, which is conditioned by the national team’s obligations. We will try to do our best and achieve the best possible result. We’ll see what that will be enough for,

coach of Mega pointed out, and about the opponent in the quarterfinals, Jovanovic stated that it is a more than solid team composed of experienced, but also young players:

– With the team of Vojvodina, which was second in KLS, we had the opportunity to play one game this year. They also made a more than solid team composed of experienced, but also young players. We know how we played the match against them in the Cup in Novi Sad. We practically showed two sides, the first half with which we were very satisfied and the second in which we were not at the level of the task. They play atypical basketball, attacking with a lot of shots for three points. In defense, they will try to disrupt us in various ways, and if we have the right answer to that, I believe that we will successfully start the competition in the playoffs,

said Vladimir Jovanovic.

Mega and Vojvodina met this season in the semifinals of the Radivoj Korac Cup in Novi Sad, when Mega celebrated with 82:75. The quarterfinal series is played in best of three, and the second match is scheduled for Saturday at 12 o’clock in Novi Sad, while the eventual third game would be played on Sunday at 12 o’clock in the Mega Factory Hall.

Mega’s Power Forward Marko Simonovic states that his team knows the quality of Vojvodina and that it is important for victory to have the right approach to the match:

– A difficult match against Vojvodina awaits us. We know their quality and the way of playing, they showed their character in the cup where they managed to return to the match after a trailing a lot However, if we have the right approach to the match, I believe that we will record a victory at the start of the playoffs,

said Simonovic.

The match Mega Soccerbet – Vojvodina will be played on Thursday, May 27 at 12 o’clock in the Mega Factory Hall without the presence of the audience, with a live broadcast on TV Arena Sport.

Photo: Mega Soccerbet/Ivica Veselinov