Mega Bemax defeated the Greek AEK with 90:73 (26:13, 15:19, 26:19, 23:22) in the last check before the ABA Super Cup. The players of Dejan Milojevic played an excellent match at the Hall of sports “Ranko Zeravica” in Novi Beograd, where they had the advantage throughout the whole match. The visitors from Athens managed to narrow the gap to just 3 points in the middle of the third quarter, but Mega responded with a series of 13:2, after which the guests failed to threaten Mega’s victory by the end of the match.

The best in the Mega Bemax were Edin Atic with 16 points and 10 rebounds and Marko Simonovic with 15 points and 17 rebounds. In AEK the best was Keith Langford with 15 points.

The next game Mega Bemax will play at the ABA Super Cup in Zagreb where they will meet the Partizan NIS team in the quarterfinals on Thursday, September 26th from 5pm.

Dejan Milojevic started the match with Asceric, Trifunovic, Atic, Simonovic and Stanic. The points of Asceric and Simonovic, as well as good rebounds control, gives Mega the lead 17:11. Mega continues the quarter with excellent team defense and completely stops AEK’s attack, for easy points from a counters and a first tangible advantage for 26:13 at the end of the first quarter.

For the most part, the second quarter was a tied game, where AEK could not lower the difference. In the end of the half, the guests took advantage of Mega’s turnovers and managed to lower the minus to 9 points for 41:32 after 20 minutes of play.

The visitors from Athens better start the second half, so the advantage of Mega slowly melts, to be only 3 points in the middle of the quarter, 50:47. Then followed period of great Mega’s play on both sides of the field for a series 13:2 and new double digit lead. Miskovic made a free-throws and then assisted Stanic in the counter for a dunk, so the score was 67:51 after 3 quarters.

In the last quarter Mega never allowed the guests to threaten the victory so Carapic hit the three for the final 90:73.

Mega Bemax: Miskovic 14, Trifunovic 9, Atic 16 (10 rebounds, index 28), Marjanovic 6, Asceric 10, Music, Carapic 12, Simonovic 15 (17 rebounds, index 25), Cerovina, Macura 1, Tanaskovic, Stanic 7 (6 rebounds).

AEK: Ray 5, Langford 15, Tsalmpouris 5, Maciulis 8, Kaklamanakis 4, Chrysikopoulos, Gkikas 5, Mavroeidis, Sant Roos 11, Prapas, Giannopoulos 13, Jankovic 7.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov