Mega Bemax’s players showed strong resistance in the first semifinals of the Superleague, but the Crvena zvezda mts with series of three in the final quarter came to a 83:72 win and a lead 1:0 in the series.

Luka Asceric was the most effective in the ranks of Mega with 20 points and at the press conference after the match he pointed out that Mega played in their rhythm in the first half.

– We opened the game well, we played first half as we wanted, we introduced the game into our rhythm. The third quarter was also correct, but in the fourth we entered the counter rhythm, missed free throws and some shots for three, Zvezda hit more and more and came to a triumph. I would like to congratulate Zvezda on the win and the good game, we turn to the second game and want to give the maximum to stay in the game for the finals,

Asceric said.

Coach of Mega Bemax Dejan Milojevic pointed out that the team was in the majority of the match competitive with Crvena zvezda:

– In principle, I’m satisfied with how my team played. In most of the game we were very competitive, but we had a problem with the shot. When you have 50 percent from the throw line and 20 for three, you can not hope to beat Zvezda. This is the main reason for our defeat. It remains to us to correct some things and play an even better match. Defensively we introduced the Zvezda to our rhythm. After that, we had problems with the fouls, which led to the decline of aggression, and when we do not have that, we can not even hope to win. Zvezda is better and I congratulate them on winning,

Milojevic said, and on the question and the statement of the journalists about the atmosphere that did not resemble the semi-finals of the playoffs, coach of Mega pointed out that the season is long:

– People are tired, it’s a long league. We started on the July 15th season and despite the fact that we are a young team with greater energy and desire, we also feel tired. And fans are feeling fatigued – how many important games were just this season. That’s the way it is. We try to play on on the field as much as we can and to give the fans as much fun as possible. I think that today was not a bad game, they had something to see,

Milojevic finished.

Photo: Mega Bemax / Ivica Veselinov