Mega Bemax players have probably played their weakest match this season in Superleague since they lost 88:71 in the 7th round on a visit to Novi Pazar.

Guard of Mega Luka Asceric points out that his team lacked energy in the defense:

I would like to congratulate Novi Pazar on a well deserved victory. They had more energy than us from the very beginning, which can not be justified, because we are a very young team. When we have a bad shooting day, we should compensate for this with desire and energy, especially in defense, which we did not do, and that is why we are defeated,

Asceric said.

Coach of Mega Dejan Milojevic pointed out that his team did not answered good to the zone defense of Novi Pazar:

– Congratulations to Novi Pazar for winning. We entered quite soft in the match, we did not have a good deal on their zonal defense. We had a very bad shot for three points, and when somebody is playing a zone for the entire match, as it did today in Novi Pazar, without a shot for three, this is difficult to solve this. Today we shot only 5/40 for three points and with such a shot it was difficult to win. In the second half, we had a moment when we lowered the advantage of Novi Pazar below ten points, but the two countes were poorly resolved and after that we received the three and that match was resolved. Even in Belgrade, Novi Pazar was close to victory, that they had little sports fortune, they could have won in our field. They showed then that they can play with us, so this win and this game are nothing unusual,

Milojevic said.

Photo: Mega Bemax