After the big reversal, Mega Bemax beat Borac from Cacak with 73:69 (10:13, 16:23, 21:22, 26:11) in the quarter-finals of the Radivoj Korac Cup, which is held in Nis. The players of the coach, Dejan Milojevic came to the victory in the hall “Cair” in Nis after minus 18 in the middle of the third quarter and fantastic play in the last quarter that they won with 26:11. Coach Mega Bemax could not count on Ognjen Carapic who misses the cup due to shoulder injury.

The best in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Nikola Miskovic with 17 points and Luka Asceric with 15, and Stefan Fundic with 14 points and 7 rebounds was also excellent. At the Borac the best were Ilija Djokovic who scored 23 points and Radovan Djokovic with 17 points.

Mega Bemax will play against the better from match Crvena zvezda mts – Dynamic VIP Pay in the semifinals on Saturday.

Dejan Milojević started the match with Asceric, Mokoka, Marjanovic, Miskovic and Nikolic. A lot of problems in the offence for Mega at the start of the match where only Miskovic hit a triple and in the middle of the period is 3:10 for Borac. Fundic is excellent in rebounding and in addition, he twice pointed well from the paint. Mega’s defense managed to keep Borac scoreless for a few minutes. Ratkovica hits tripe, but Borac goes the first break with an advantage of 10:13.

With the layup of Ratkovica, Mega comes close to a 14:15, but Borac with a few triples goes to plus 11. The period of good game followed, while Fundic and Marjanovic dropped minus to 6 points, 26:32. Finish belongs to Borac and the result at the half-time is 26:36.

Mega opens the second half with a 5:0 series, but Borac returns with a few triples and 3:16 series in which Mega did not have an answer to the opponent’s game. At score 34:52 with 5 minutes to the end of the quarter, Asceric and Mokoka hit triple, Miskovic is precise, so the minus is halved to 9 points, and the score before the last quarter is 47:58.

The fantastic defense of Mega in the last quarter stopped the attack of Borac, which was scoreless for 5 minutes. Asceric and Fundic put Mega down to only 1 point and then Miskovic entered  with 2 triples and Mega led the first time in the match, 67:61. Borac is trying to get back, Asceric answers with a new three for 72:65. Borac managed to drop the difference to 3 points, but Mega with two successful defenses denied the attack and finally celebrated with 73:69.

Mega Bemax: Janjic Marjanovic 5, Ratkovica 7, Ascerić 15 (5 rebounds, 6 assists), Miskovic 17, Atic 2, Cerovina, Koprivica, Nikolic, Mokoka 7 (5 rebounds, 6 assists), Fundic 14 (7 rebounds), Stanic 6.

Borac: S. Gavrilovic 1, Alikadic, Popovic 2, R. Djoković 17, I. Djokovic 23, Micovic, I. Gavrilovic 6, Majstorovic 7, Krsmanović, Prlja 5, Kocovic 4, Carapic 4.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Dragoslav Zarkovic