Mega Bemax players continued with great games in the ABA league since they beat Cedeviwith 86:95 (23:27, 24:20, 21:26, 18:22) within the 3rd round of competition. Players of coach Dejan Milojevic played  excellent match at Basketball Center Drazen Petrovic, where they controlled the game during the most part of the match and eventually achieved a great victory in Zagreb. Coach of Mega could not count on Branislav Ratkovica at this match because of injury.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Ognjen Carapic with 17 points and Goga Bitadze with 16 who added 13 rebounds. Justin Cobs scored 16 points for Cedevita.

After 3 rounds of the ABA league, Mega kept the top spot with 3-0, while Cedevita have score of 1 win and 2 losses. The next game Mega will play on October 19 from 17:00 in Sremska Mitrovica when they will meet with Petrol Olimpija. The entrance to the match will be free.

Dejan Milojević began the match with the following five: Asceric, Mokoka, Mushidi, Fundic, Bitadze. At the start of the match Mega gets to the point after offensive rebounds and after that Bitadze moved Mega to the lead. Mini series of Cedevita for the lead of the home team 13:11 was cut with three pointer of Asceric. After entering the game, Carapic assists to Stanic perfectly, and then, Marjanovic hits three. In finish of quarter, Carapic again hits, so that on the first break, Mega’s advantage is 23:27.

The second quarter opens Bitadze with a dunk and plus one, but Cedevita with two triples responded. Mokoka’s three pointer from the corner brings plus 7 but Cedevita is back with a mini series of 5:0 and then ties match. After Milojevic’s time-out, Asceric hits the floater and then Fundic hit lay-up for Mega’s new advantage. However, in the finish, Cedevita is tied the match again for 47:47 at half-time.

Cedevita scored three at the beginning of the third quarter, but immediately came response from Carapic who hit lay-up under a foul, and then Mushidi and Marjanovic hit three pointers for 50:56. After a short fall in the game, Mega through Bitadze and Miskovic keeps the advantage, 62:70 with 2 minutes until the end of the period, in order to take advantage of 5 points before the last 10 minutes, 68:73.

After the exchange of points at the beginning of the fourth quarter, a period of great defense of Mega followed, the advantage grew with the excellent connection between Carapic-Bitadze and 4 and the half minutes to the end Mushidi hit three for plus 11, 76:87. Čarapić with 2 great drives denied Cedevita’s attack and Mega calmly took the match to the end for win 86:95.

Cedevita: Cobbs 16, Benite 11, Magette 8, Zganec, Stipanovic 10, Lima 2, Cook, Ramljak, Bell 15 (10 rebounds), Aguilar 10 (13 rebounds).

Mega Bemax: Mushidi 12, Janjic, Marjanovic 11, Asceric 8, Miskovic 4, Carapic 17 (4 assists, PIR 21), Atic 8, Bitadze 16 (13 rebounds, PIR 24), Koprivica, Mokoka 8, Fundic 7 (5 rebounds, 5 assists), Stanic 4.

Photo: Cedevita/Marin Susic