In the first quarter-final match, Mega Bemax lost to Partizan NIS 97:68 (22:20, 22:14, 30:17, 23:17). Players of coach Dejan Milojevic played a bad match in the hall Aleksandar Nikolic, which was resolved in the third quarter when black and whites came to a convincing advantage that Mega did not manage to endanger by the end of the match. The coach of Mega Bemax on this match because of injury could not count on Mihailo Jovicic and already in the first quarter was injured Ognjen Carapic who did not enter the game by the end of the match.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Goga Bitadze with 17 points and Ognjen Jaramaz and Luka Asceric both with 14 points. Djordje Gagic with 16 and Vanja Marinkovic 15 points where the best in Partizan. Partizan took laed 1:0 in the quarterfinals series, which is played in best of three. The next match will be played on Thursday, April 24, at 18:00 in the Mega Factory Hall in Belgrade. All tickets for the match, due to the limited capacity of the hall, are already distributed and the presence of the match will not be possible without possession of the tickets.

Dejan Milojevic started the match with the following five: Carapic, Mushidi, Marjanovic, Fundic, Bitadze. It’s a far better start for the home team that led with 16:4 and in that period Carapic injured wrist so he had to go the bench and did not return to the game again. Mega manages to rise, with three pointers of Marjanovic and Jaramaz, and the series 0:12 ends Bitadze for 16:16. Result after first quarter was 22:20 for Partizan.

The home team opens the second quarter with three triples for 33:20. Goga Bitadze managed to score 9 points to keep Mega in the game, which in the finish misses the chance to further lower the minus, resulting in the half-time score 44:34 for Partizan.

A half-time break wasbetter to the home team, which with a series of points from all positions reached convincing plus 23. Jaramaz and Asceric with the points briefly stop the Partizan’s series who with points from tip-in in the last second had 74:51 before the last 10 minutes of the game.

In the last 10 minutes there were not too many changes in the game on both sides, so Partizan eventually came to a convincing win, 97:68.

Partizan NIS: Williams-Goss 14 (8 assists), Vaughn 8, Sy 4, Jovanovic, Marinkovic 15, Velickovic 13, Pecarski 4, Andric 11, Cakarevic 1, Brimah 7, Gagic 16, Salic 4.

Mega Bemax: Mushidi 3, Marjanovic 5, Asceric 14, Carapic 2, Jaramaz 14, Bitadze 17 (6 rebounds), Lazic 3, Koprivica 4, Samardziski 2, Miskovic 4, Cerovina, Fundic.

Photo: Mega Bemax / Ivica Veselinov