Basketball players of Mega Bemax did not manage to come to a significant victory in the round 10 of the ABA league since Zadar in a thrilling finish celebrated with 71:73. Mega Bemax captain Nikola Rebic scored 16 points and at a press conference after the match he pointed out that the team had a great desire to come out as the winner of this match:

– A serious defeat for us. After a break in the regional competition, where we had a lot of time to prepare well and a great desire to come out with a positive result from this game, we still did not succeed. However, there is still plenty to play, no matter how many misses we had, there is still room for repair. In the first half we allowed Zadar to play, to get relaxed and get easy points. When such things happen, neither luck will look at you. We turn to the duel with Igokea and we will try to achieve the best result in Laktasi,

Rebic said.

Coach of Mega Bemax Dejan Milojevic stated that 20% for 3 points and 10 missed throws of Mega were too much for the egal match:

– Congratulations to Zadar for winning. We had chances that we did not use, missed free throws for victory. Zadar used his chances and got a match. The first half was defensively bad, in the second half it looked better, but the attack did not serve us at all. We shot 20 percent for three points and 50 percent from the penalty line, we missed as many as 10 free throws and we had 22 missed threes. At egal result this is simply too much. Let’s go on, let’s try to get up, because when you have a young team like this, self confidence is falling very fast,

Milojevic said.

Photo: Mega Bemax / Ivica Veselinov