Mega Bemax failed to reach the third victory in the ABA League since Petrol Olimpija celebrated in Sremska Mitrovica with 77:86 (22:25, 24:23, 22:15, 9:23). Players of Dejan Milojević had advantage of 5 points before the fourth quarter in the PSC Pinki Hall, but the guests were better final moments and eventually won. Coach of Mega at this match could not count on Stefan Sinovec, Kostja Mushidi and Nikola Miskovic while Ognjen Carapic was not yet fully recovered.

In the ranks of Mega Bemax, Nikola Rebic scored 18 points, Dylan Ennis had 14 and Goga Bitadze 12 with 14 rebounds and 3 blocks. At the Petrol Olimpija, Jordan Morgan scored 20 points and Domen Lorbek scored 15 with a 3 point shot 5 out of 5.

After 4 rounds, Mega Bemax and Petrol Olimpija have a score of 2 wins and 2 defeats, and in the next round on Saturday, October 21, at 17:00, Mega will play in Podgorica against Buducnost VOLI.

Dejan Milojević started the match with the following five: Rebic, Ennis, Lazic, Fundic and Bitadze. Excellent defense of Mega at the start of the match, where in the first four and a half minutes they received only one triple with 11 points scored and with couple of offensive rebounds. With three of Lazic Mega comes to plus 9, 14:5. Players of Mega then made several turnovers sot the visiting team managed used ot and reduced the deficit. In the finish, the bad protect of the paint cost Mega several easy allowed points, and the result was after the first quarter is 22:25.

Olimpija in the second quarter gets to a more lead, plus 9, but Mega does not give up. Rebic binds 5 points, and Cancar joins him. Mega Bemax is again in the game and the score at half-time is set by Lazic with a triple for 46:48.

After a break at the half, Mega has a problem in the attack at the beginning of the third period, when Olimpija arrived to plus 7. Bitadze, Rebic and Ennis started scoring, and Mega first gets to the tie and then to the minimum lead. Rebic hits the new three, Bitadze was also precise, and is in the finish of the third period is 68:61. Third quarter ended with 68:63.

In the last quarter, the teams shifted in the minimum lead until 3 minutes before the end, when Domen Lorbek hit two three pointers fom Olimpija for plus 7, after which Mega did not manage to endanger the win of team from Ljubljana, so the match ended with a score of 77:86.

Mega Bemax: Rebic 18, Marjanovic 4, Cancar 11, Carapic, Bitadze 12 (14 rebounds, 3 blocks), Jovicic, Lazić 13 (7 rebounds), Koprivica, Samardziski, Ennis 14, Fundic 5 (6 rebounds), Kapetanovic.

Petrol Olimpija: Kastrati, Radulovic 2, Oliver 12, Span 3, Bubnic 9, Badžim 3, Morgan 20 (10 rebounds), Lorbek 15, Battle 8, Jurcek, Hrovat 14.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov