Pioneers of KK Banjica Mega, who also compete in the higher age rank of the II Cadet League of Belgrade, won the third place in the final tournament of the aforementioned league after they recorded one win and two defeats.

Players of coach Stefan Bulatovic in the first day of tournamet won after overtime against cadets of KK Dynamic 2 with 72:71.

KK Banjica Mega: Miljus, Petojevic 3, Gusic 4, M. Andric 5, Djordjevic 3, Strainovic 3, P. Kovacevic 14, Paunovic 18, L. Andric 3, Krtinic, Eric 12, V. Kovacevic 7.

On the second day, the pioneers of Mega lost from the cadets of KK Partizan 2 with 56:69.

KK Banjica Mega: Miljuš, Petojevic, Gusic 4, M. Andric 7, Djordjevic, Strainovic 5, P. Kovacevic 6, Paunovic 14, L. Andric 7, Krtinic, Eric 2, V. Kovacevic 11.

On the third day of the final tournament, pioneers of Mega lost the game with the same result 56:69 from the cadets of KK Zemun 2.

KK Banjica Mega: Miljus, Petojevic, Gusic 4, M. Andric 4, Djordjevic 8, Strainovic, P. Kovacevic 5, Paunovic 6, L. Andric 2, Krtinic 2, Eric 2, V. Kovacevic 23.

The KK Banjica pioneers this season for the first time became the champions of Serbia with a total score of 27 wins and only one defeat, and also won Mini Cup Beobasket 2017 organized by KSS in Nis in February during Radivoj Korac Cup.

Photo: Mega Bemax