After a great fight Juniors of Mega Bemax lost the junior Euroleague final against Paris with 65:58 (19:17, 14:11, 8:18, 24:12). Players of Vlada Vukoicic at Hall Sinan Erdem in Istanbul were able to return from the minus of 13 points and to get plus 7, 41:48 at the start of the last period, but they lacked the energy given that they played 3 games for 48 hours, so Paris finally celebrated.

Juniors of Mega had a great tournament from the second plan, where they managed to return and win after minus 18 against Real Madrid, then to celebrate in the exciting finals of matches with Zalgiris and Fenerbahçe. Juniors of Mega already in their second participation in the final tournament of Junior Euroleague got to the finals, which is a great success for the club.

Best in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Goga Bitadze with 17 points, 20 rebounds and 5 blocks and Nikola Miskovic with 15 points, while in the team of Paris the best wasIvan Fevrier had 17 points.

Coach of Mega Bemax Vlada Vukoicic after the match pointed out that this result inspires the club to continue to develop its system in the right direction:

– It is a great honor to participate in the tournament among the eight best teams. Of the 32 teams that participated in the qualifiers, we finally managed to get to the last two who played the final. In the final we played excellent for 30 minutes, but we were short for 10 minutes of winner and the unofficial title of Europe champion. Circumstances, a number of injuries, a large number of matches and a small time difference are something that prevented us from giving more to ourselves, and for the opponent we had a team that actually represents the skeleton of the French national team. I’m proud of our kids who passed the exam at this tournament. Overall, this is a great result for a club that is concerned with the development of young players and it is encouragement to continue to develop the Mega’s system in the right direction,

said Vukoicic.

Mega started well with 6:13 when Miskovic and Bitadze were in the mood, but Paris replied with a series of points, so the first period ended with 19:17 for the French team. The second quarter began with the Paris 11:0 series for plus 13, 30:17. Mega managed to close all of the ways to the paints, Jovičić was in the mood of the attack, so half-time ended with acceptable 33:28.

The third quarter was the best period of Mega’s game, where they allowed only 8 points to their opponents, leaving Paris with no points for almost 5 minutes. At the beginning of last period, Mega Bemax reaches plus 7, 41:48. After a fall in the game, guests hit a few three pointers so it was a plus 9 for Paris for 3 minutes to the end. Mega moves all or nothing, succeeds to reduce to minus 5 by 2 minutes to the end, but from 3 consecutive attacks didn’t score, so Paris finally won with a score 65:58.

CFBB Paris: Choupas, Crusol, Ayayi 6, Randriamanandjara, Maledon 13, Dossou-Yovo 1, Bazille 4, Tthirouard, Briki 9, Miyem, Fevrier 17, Blanc 15.

Mega Bemax: Miskovic 15, Drobnjak, Islamovic 11 (5 rebounds), Jovicic 9, Knezevic, Matic 4, Trifunovic, Raickovic, Cerovina, Nedeljkovic 2, Matovic, Bitadze 17 (20 rebounds, 5 blocks, PIR 38)
Photo: ANGT Final Four Istanbul 2017