Players of Mega Leks failed to reach the third reversal and victory since within the 5th round of Mozzart Super League lost to Dynamic with 75:86 (13:18, 16:22, 26:22, 20:24). Players of Dejan Milojevic were losing with 17 points in the third quarter, but on several occasions managed to reduce the minus to 2 balls, but did not have enough concentration so the guests finally celebrated.

The most efficient in the ranks of Mega Lekss were Lesic with 13 and Rebic and Jaramaz both with 12 points while for to the guests the best wasBrooks with 20 points. After 5 rounds, Mega has a score of 2-3 and the next match will play on Tuesday 9th of May at 19:00 in Subotica against Spartak.

Dejan Milojevic started the match with the following five: Novak, Jaramaz, Simeunovic, Lesic and Kaba. First points for Mega achieved Lesic and after exchanging points in the first minutes, at the middle quarters Dynamic comes to plus 6, 8:14. Mushidi hit three and after points of Rebic, the first quarter ends with 13:18.

After threes of Rebic and Mushidi, Mega reduces minus and Rebic then hit one free throw for 24:24. Guests brought back lead and after free throws of Samardziski, the result was 29:32. Finish of quarter Mega played distracted as guests used for the series 0:8 and 29:40 at the break.

After the break at half-time, guests were able to increase the advantage to 17 points, 41:58 in the 27th minute. Then followed a series of Mega, driven by threes of Lesic and Cancar then continues Jaramaz from the free throw line for 55:62 before the last 10 minutes.

The last quarter opened Spasojevic with three for 58:62. Guests hit threes and increased the advantage to 10 points, 60:70. Jaramaz from the free throw line and Spasojevic under the basket were able to cut the advantage, but guests after offensive rebounds and new three pointers reached plus 12 with a little more than 3 minutes to the end. Mega went on all or nothing, cut down to the 6 points minus, but failed to score on two attacks so guests finally reached the victory.

Mega Leks: Mushidi 11, Rebic 12 (5 assists), Lesic 13 (6 rebounds), Carapic, Jaramaz 12, Spasojevic 9, Kaba 7 (7 rebounds), Cancar 4, Simeunovic 3, Tejic, Novak 2, Samardziski 2.

Dynamic: Stevanovic 12, TCirkovic, Milisavljevic 2, Lazic 11, Gavrilovic, Brooks 20, Nadjfeji, Cakarevic 18, Radulovic 3, Tornjanski, Ffriend 4, Sedmak 16.

Photo: Mega Leks / Ivica Veselinov