Juniors of Mega Bemax have mastered Zarkovo with 80:57 (16:16, 21:12, 24:14, 19:15) within the derby match of round 15 of Roda Junior League of Serbia. Players of coach Vlada Vukoicic resolved match in their favor at the beginning of the second half and with the new victory preserved the 2nd place in the league.

Best in the ranks of Mega Bemax was Goga Bitadze who in 26 minutes had 17 points and 14 rebounds for the PIR 36, while Miskovic and Matic had both 10 points.

Mega Bemax with scoret of 12 wins and 3 losses is on the 2nd place of Roda Junior League of Serbia and in the next round plays away against Partizan NIS.

Mega Bemax: Miskovic 10 (9 rebounds), Drobnjak 5, Gosic 2, Islamovic 7, Virijevic 6 (7 assists), Matic 10 (7 rebounds), Trifunovic 2, Raicković 9 (7 rebounds), Cerovina 3, Nedeljkovic 4, Matovic 5, Bitadze 17 (14 rebounds, PIR 36).

Photo: Mega Leks / Ivica Veselinov