Players of Mega Leks have achieved a very important win in the ABA league as they within the 22th round in Sremska Mitrovica after a great game mastered Igokea with 101:84 (25:21, 22:21, 28:19, 26:23). Mega at the end of the third and beginning of the last quarter definitely resolved match, when separated to plus 21 and then routinely brought match to the end. Coach of Mega in this match due to injuries he could not count on Predrag Samardziski, Vlatko Cancar, Djordje Simeunovic and Ognjen Carapic.

The most efficient in the ranks of Mega Leks were Zagorac with 16 and Kaba and Mushidi with 15 points, also great was Nikola Rebic with 13 points and 10 assists. In the visiting team have distinguished themselves Robinson with 16 and Radivojevic with 15 points. After 22 rounds, with 8 wins Mega holds 10th place on the standings. Next match Mega Leks have on Friday from 17:00 in Nis within the Korac Cup quarter-finals, where they are defending the trophy won last year, and the opponent is Dynamic.

A match against Igokea had a humanitarian character, since all income from ticket sales is intended to help 11-person family Jovanovic in Macvanska Mitrovica, and Mega supported this campaign by purchasing 300 tickets.

Dejan Milojevic started the match with Novak, Mushidi, Zagorac, Spasojevic and Kaba. Mega opened match with points of Kaba and three of Mushidi. At the score 11:10, followed by a series of Igokea 0:8 and Milojevic requested a time-out. There followed a great game of Mega on both sides of the court, Rebic hit difficult drive and then Mushidi and Marelja scored threes and Mega with series of 11:0 took the lead. The first quarter ended with 25:21.

In the second quarter Rebic with two triples kept the lead but guests with series 0:6 reduced to 37:35. That cut Novak with difficult layup under contact. There followed an exchange of points on both sides and on with great assist of Rebic for Marelja first half ended with 47:42.

Kaba excellent opened third quarter with coast to coast dunk and three pointer. In those moments functioned perfectly offensive rebound of Mega where after one Spasojevic excellent assisted to Zagorac for powerful dunk. Mega led with 60:46, but Igokea responded with 0:8. Novak, Mushidi and Jaramaz returneddouble-digit advantage and the result after the third quarter was 75:61.

Mega with a series of 7:0 at the beginning of the last quarter got to plus 21, 82:61, after which guests were not able to jeopardize the victory of Mega. Igokea has managed to reduce to 11 points difference but followed four threes of Mega, of which two hit Zagorac so the final result of the match was 101:84.

Mega Leks: Mushidi 15, Rebic 13 (10 assists), Djokovic, Jaramaz 12, Spasojevic 9, Glogovac 2, Kaba 15 (6 rebounds), Zagorac 16, Tejic, Novak 10, Kapetanovic, Marelja 8.

Igokea: Pasajlic 7, Micovic 11, Talic 2, Sibalic 8, Robinson 16, Pesakovic, Milosevic 10, Albijanic 7, Radivojevic 15, Mahkovic, Rikic 8.

Photo: Mega Leks/Ivica Veselinov