Players from Mega Leks have achieved safe victory against FMP 96:82 (26:14, 28:27, 27:18, 15:23) and they qualify for the ABA league next season, which was the primary goal of the season. The best in Mega was Nikola Jokic with 34 points, 12 rebounds and 52 PIR for 28 minutes on the court.

With this win, Mega reached score 7-5 and gained two wins of advantage over Vojvodina.

Milojevic began the match with standard five Miljenovic, Zagorac, Keselj, Sulovic and Jokic. Sulovic and Jokic opened match with points but FMP answered. With points after foul of Jokic and Keselj, Mega led 15:9. After that, Zagorac and Webster took Mega to 26:14 after first quarter.

The second period started with Jokic three and 5 points of Miljenovic for 34:20. FMP managed to respond and to decrease to 38:28. Jokic with couple points after offensive rebounds and Keselj with 5 points in last quarter set the half time score 54:41.

Jokic started second half with two assists which second was classic quarterback pass for Miljenovic. Webster hit the three for plus 23, 69:46 in the middle of 3rd quarter. In the finish of quarter we saw a couple of great moves from Zagorac (great assist for Jokic) and then Jokic. Third part ended with 81:59.

The last quarter started with two excellent assists from Sulovic. Webster hit the last second shot followed by Milojevic slowly began to play with reservists. By the end of the match, FMP managed to reduce the score to 96:82.

In the last 14th round of Superleague, Mega Leks will play in Novi Sad against Vojvodina. The match will be played at Thursday 20 PM.

Mega Leks: Keselj 16 pts, Krstic 5 pts, Jaramaz 3 pts, Veljkovic, Miljenovic 9 pts and 6 assists, Bojic, Jokic 34 pts, 12 reb and 4 assists (52 PIR), Sulovic 10 pts and 6 assists, Webster 14 pts and 4 assists, Simovic 4 reb, Zagorac 6 pts, Nikolic.

Nikola Jokic:”Congratulations for my team. Mega will play in ABA league for the third consecutive season. Congratulations to FMP for fair game. From the start, we had a great desire and fighting spirit. After it opened for us, we used all good energy and won the game”.

Dejan Milojevic:“An important victory for us. We have achieved the main goal of the club and thatis to  play ABA league next season.Team responded good after the defeat of the Metalac, because we won in three tough matches. FMP is embarrassing unpleasant team that when they open match good, they can beat everyon. I was afraid that they do not play at the start but we played aggressively and quickly. We went on a 10-point lead and after that we held. It’s a long season but this far to over. We have the highest possible ambitions in the playoffs. We will play probably against Crvena zvezda, which is the favorite but against which we played this season, three games to one ball. I hope that luck is going to be on our side now”.