The fight for third place between BC Mega and BC Buducnost Voli, ended with the score 88:90. Looking at the quarters of 27:30, 20:18, 17:22, 24:20. The match was very uncertain until the very end, as the result itself speak. Excellent performance in the guest team in particular stood out Dasic achieved with 17 points, Planinic also with 17, Subotic with 11 and Reynolds with 12, while the home team to be Krstic with 16 points, with 12 Marelja, Miljenovic with 21 and Bojic with 17 points .

In the match for the first place teams fought Eniseya and Pinar Karsiyaka. The match ended with a score of 71-69, in the quarters of 11:23, 23:12, 20:14 and 17:19. Points in the last second decided the winner of this match. First of all, an excellent defense of both teams. Very good game for the winning team showed Lesic with 13, White with 11 and Kikanovic 12 points. In the team of Karsiyaka the best were Palacios with 13, Hersek with 10, Strawberry with 11 and Dibler with 13 points.

The MVP of the Cup was named player from BC Enisey,  Elmedin Kikanovic, who dominated the first day of the Cup with 18 points, while the second day scoring 12 points.