BC Mega Leks – BC Crvena Zvezda Telekom

54:99 (11:25, 12:24, 11:17. 20:23)


The start of play was not hinting at anything good for juniors Mega Leks. Solid and sharp play Red Star has established criteria on which the domestic players are not exactly the best way around. When you take into account that in several situations the ball did not want in the basket, it is clear that the first quarter finished 25-11 for Red Star. The second period was seen almost the same image. Despite the home side’s attempts to do something more the result at half time was 49:33 and it was clear that the Mega difficult to score. In the third and fourth period Red Star held all the strings in his hands. Despite the desire to alleviate defeat Mega it does not work, unable to compete with a solid game yet. Result of 99:45 seems excessive and unrealistic and will Mega juniors chance to seek revenge in some other games with the leader of the Junior League Group B Serbia.