BC Zemun – BC Mega Vizura 67:62 (16-11, 9-20, 28-8, 14-23)

BC Zemun: Mirjanic, Cirkovic.N 18, Milicevic , Vasic 2 , Vulikic.L 27, Pecarski ,Jovanovic 8, Terzic 4, Vulikic V. , Radovanovic 8, Starcic , Cirkovic.M.

BC Mega Vizura: Mladenovic 4, Vicentic 2, Djordjevic 17,Music 4,Grusanovic 9, Nakic, Vojnovic 9, Vojinovic 3, Sljivancanin, Obradovic, Janketic 14.

5dscn23914175020131210023426.jpgSimonovic Marko:

“ Congratulations BC Zemun on a very good match, and I would say that this game has two faces. One face in the first half and another in the second half. In the end, instead of convincing wins Zemun, we entered into a egal finals. I am very glad to play against the club where I spent the cadet and junior years of service. We turn to the second game, I wish all the luck to Zemun and my team in the next round. “

Janketic Srdjan, player:

“Although we were not favorites, we managed well to get in the game and in the end the little things ruled. I hope we will have more success and happiness in the next round. “