BC Mega Vizura – BC Borac Mozzart Sport 87:58 (14:15, 22:14, 23:12, 28:17)

MVP of the game: Music Novak, BC Mega Vizura.

BC Mega Vizura: Mladenovic 2, Vicentic 12, Djordjevic 9, Music 19, Grusanovic 11, Nakic-Vojinovic 8, Sljivancanin 12, Obradovic, Janketic 14, Markovic.

BC Borac Mozzart Sport: Davidovic, Stojanovic 7, Ljubicic 8, Jovancevic 2, Millivojevic 5, Puzic 2, Kovacevic 7, Vujovic, Radovic 16, Kostic, Mijuskovic 1, Mladic 10.

198078novakmusic_8_mv3687020131118065232.jpgSimonovic Marko, coach of Mega Vizura:

“Congratulations BC Borac in a fair and correct behavior and game. Also, congratulations and my crew, team of Mega Vizura where I came recently and done only 3 training. Not the time for an analysis taking this into account.  What we could in a short time to change the mental approach and character of players. There are a talented children in all positions. We’ve got a little bit of energy and team chemistry. In the three days we were able to pay a little more attention to the relationship between the game and the defense than the game on both sides of the field. We tried to prepare over players veterans and their characteristics and tasks.We gave alot of the energy, but we did it right with a large number of problems in defense and attack. There is a lot of space for improvement, especially in the collective and group tactics. ”.

Novak Music, MVP:

“I congratulated Borac in a fair game, but also I congratulated my team for commitment and win. Nothing has no choice but to continue this rhythm until the end of the season.”