KK Mega Vizura – KK Nibak 75:58 (16:11, 19:14, 13:16, 27:17)

MVP of the game: Mladen Grusanovic, BC Mega Vizura.

BC Mega Vizura: Aleksandar Mladenovic, Dusan Vicentic 6, Dusan Djordjevic 21, Uros Stojanovic, Novak Music, Mladen Grusanovic 25, Stefan Nakic-Vojinovic 11, Jovan Vojinovic 2, Djordjije Sljivancanin 2, Marko Obradovic, Srdjan Janketic 8, Aleksandar Markovic.

BC Nibak: Ognjen Vukadinovic, Aleksa Simovic 11, Djordje Zlatkovic, Aleksa Stepanovic 3, Aleksa Dzunic 1, Andrija Tomic 4, Lazar Petkovic 14, Dusan Stankovic 11, Mihajlo Djordejevic 1, Andrija Marjanovic 11, Mihajlo Lilic 2.

Branislav Vicentic, coach of BC Mega Vizura:

“I would like to congratulate my team for the expressed desire to achieve the first victory in the league and that’s what we are waiting for the third week. I believe that we will be better and better and that victory will be a matter of. Congratulations to the Nibak team and fair game play. I think thay have the qualities that will be visible in the future. ”

Mladen.jpgMladen Grusanovic, player of BC Mega Vizura: 

“I congratulate to BC Nibak for the correct and fair play. We had more desire in this game and we have deserved to win. We continue this pace and we hope that it will be more wins. ”