BC Mladost – BC Mega Vizura 62:58 (17:14, 18:14, 12:18, 15:12)

BC Mladost Ca: L. Milinkovic, S. Savic 9, I. Smiljanic, N. Domanovic, N. Kocovic 25, D. Nikolic, S. Ciric 11, S. Gavrilovic, N. Ilic 11, O. Scekic 6, S. Lazic, M. Stojanovic.

BC Mega Vizura: M. Stanojevic 1, Dj. Bjelobaba 7, M.Bogdanovic 13, D. Djordjevic, D. Jakovljevic 2, M.Grusanovic, M. Veljkovic 21, A. Matic 6, A. Koracin 4, N.Music 1, Đ. Sljivancanin.

Branislav Vicentic, coach of Mega Vizura: 

“I congratulated BC Mladost on victory. We turn to the next  game and look forward to our first victory of the season.”

Milenko Veljkovic, player of Mega Vizura:

Milenko Veljkovic.jpg

“I congratulated BC Mladost for a good and sacrificial game. We didn’t use our chances, and because of that we lost the game, we were not concentrated in the final, which they use. I c ongratulate my teammates on militancy. We still looking for the first victory that will come, hopefully, soon.”