As the end of a season in Mega Leks approaches, we spoke with assistant coach Jade Fattouh about summary of his season in Mega.
Jade, can you tell us something about your general impressions about Mega Leks? 
First, I would like to thank every member of Mega organization for this beautiful season, players, coaches, management and fans. Mega is a very respected basketball program I would say not only in Serbia but in the whole region and more. The goal is the development of young talented athletes, players from the club got drafted to the NBA and others are on the way. Knowing this I was very excited to be part of Mega family.
What did you expected and what did you experienced here?
It was my first experience working in Europe. I knew it would be intense competition  and high level basketball wether in ABA league or in Serbian Superleague. Tthe Balkan region or ex Yugoslavia is known to be "basketball land" so for me to be there was surely an addition to me on the personal level.
You came from Asian basketball, what are the main differences to European basketball? How did adaptation period went?
Basketball in Asia is developing fast wether in the Middle East or in the Far East, with information and knowledge being much more accessible the game is becoming more and more global and you can see  better basketball in many places of the world. Personally I was always around Europe for camps and coaching clinics also following some team preparations so adaptation was smooth I would say.
Did you learn a lot during your time in Mega Leks, and which things particularly? 
It was very good for my development to be in mega, every coach always tries to keep learning and see what others are doing and share views and opinions about technical things wether in practice or games. I believe this is the right way to keep progressing cause the game is really changing fast , so wether you're  a young coach or veteran coach I believe this is how it should be. I have to mention that I had a pleasure working under Dejan Milojevic as a person and and as a head coach. We had some ups and downs during the year like everyone else but in Mega its even harder cause you have young players who lack experience and at the end we reached our targets and had a successful season playing cup finals and reaching final 4 in Serbia which mean ABA league next season.  
How was the general atmosphere in team from your point of view? 
I spent some great times with the staff. We had a good chemistry, also atmosphere was good with players and club in general, which is very important.
How did you like Sremska Mitrovica and Belgrade, where you spent most of your time? 
Belgrade is a beautiful city that has a soul. I like it, people are nice and warm. Also Sremska Mitrovica the city that we represented is beautiful and we had great time playing at home in our gym.
You travelled a lot during the season. How did you spend your free time?
My free time when we didn't have practice, games or traveling  in ABA, I spent it mostly working and watching basketball at home following and seeing what other teams are doing.
What are your future plans?
For my future plans I still don't know yet, we will see what happens this summer.

Photo by: Jovan Azdejkovic