Interview with the October MVP of ABA League – Nenad Miljenovic

History is being written. We have the first ever ABA League MVP of the month and it is the talented point guard Nenad Miljenovic of Mega Vizura. There are quite a few parameters to look at, which one can take into account when deciding about the most valuable player award and Nenad fits in for each one of them just fine.

Our MVP has appeared in each of the opening five games of the season and has been a huge contributor for his squad on the way to three victories during a tough schedule. With an average of 26 index points, he has achieved the highest average valuation amongst all players in the league in the first month of the competition. Furthermore, he has proven to be a perfect team player, since he leads the league in passing with no less than 10.2 assists per game – which is more than any player has ever averaged during a single ABA League season. With his help, young and inexperienced Mega Vizura side, the youngest team in the lead is now on a 3/5 record in our competition and is situated in the upper end of the table. Probably much higher than many have expected.

Taking into account the amazing skills, performed by Miljenović so far in the season, fans can be sure that he is following the footsteps of many great players like Dario ŠarićJusuf Nurkić, Bojan and Bogdan BogdanovićMiloš TeodosićNikola PekovićNikola VučevićGoran and Zoran DragićAnte Tomić and all the others that have made their mark in the ABA League, the cradle of European basketball talent, in the past few years and shined brightly at the highest levels of European and World's basketball afterwards.

Read the interview with the player below.

You are officially the best ABA League player for October. How much this reward means to you as a young player?

"A lot! This is the first time that ABA League gives such a reward and I am really honored for being voted as the best player of October. The last month was great for the entire club. Mega Vizura made three big wins. This reward came as a result of a really hard work."

In the past couple of years ABA League has launched many young players, which eventually made quite remarkable international careers. You have began the same journey. Is this competition perfect for the young players to grow?

"It really is. ABA League is better and better every next year. All the major clubs from the region are competing at one place, and many talented youngsters are getting a chance. I think that 6 players from the ABA League was drafted on the last NBA Draft. And that tells a lot about quality of the competition, and how important it is for young players."

Mega Vizura is considered to be the youngest team in the ABA League, and perhaps in the whole Europe. For the second year in a row the head coach is Dejan Milojević, a young expert himself, who has given youngsters role of key players. Can you describe us your cooperation with Milojević?

"We have a lot of new players in this season. We are aware that every beginning is hard, but we have shown that we can confront others, and that is very important. As for Milojević, he is one of the most talented coaches in Europe. I am working with him for two years and now I see how much it means to have a continuity when working with someone. Dejan is a very straightforward and honest person, and with him we always know what to expect. I like that. I have a great relationship with him, after all, he was the one who has given me a chance to play and to show what I know. I am very grateful to him and I will do everything to repay him for his trust."

Did you expect three victories from of the opening five rounds?

"We did not know what to expect. There were a lot of newcomers, but we knew that we have talent. The thing we did not know was how much time do we need to become a team. But, as the time is passing by we are better and better and I am sure that we will still improve."

What is the biggest strength of this young team, and how much can Mega Vizura achieve in this season?

"Youth is our biggest advantage, with talent of course. The good side is that those things are giving us chance to improve. This is certainly not our best shape, although we have managed to beat some good teams. We can play even better! Time is our ally, and our goal is to reach the Playoffs! As the time passes by I am sure that our goal will look more and more realistic."

In the first month of the new season you are far the best player in assists with 10,2 per game. In team sports there is a rule – for that score you need to give credits to your teammates as well. Who helps you the most in Mega Vizura? With whom you have the best cooperation?

"That number of assists shows that I have an excellent cooperation with everyone. We get along really well and you can feel this chemistry around the team. I would point out Nikola Jokić, with whom I played in the last season as well. He has a fantastic feeling for the game, and I begin to understand him only by the eye contact. We often play together and our pick 'n' roll is starting to become our trademark."

How much does experience from the previous seasons in the ABA league help you in your game?

"Certainly a lot. I did not play much in Radnički Kragujevac, but I practiced with the team which reached Final Four in that season. I was with the team at all those travels, Halls, hotels and that is a big advantage for me. However, the experience of playing games from the last season is priceless. A bit of everything had affect on mu current plays."