U17 Mega Mozzart came to the third victory of the Triglav Cadet League of Serbia, as they defeated Futog NS Basket 07 with 74:97 (17:28, 20:25, 15:17, 22:27). Coach Petar Radonjic’s team had a 16-point advantage after the first half, with a fantastic 81 percent in the shot for two points, so in the continuation of the game, the outcome of the match was not in question.

The most efficient among the cadets of Mega were Bogoljub Markovic with 21 points and Danilo Dozic with 13.

After three rounds, the cadets of Mega have a score of 3-0 with a point difference plus 93, and in the next round they will be guests of Konstantin.

Mega Mozzart: Sipcic 10, Djulovic 11, Musicki 9, Joksovic, Avlijas 11, Momcilovic, Vranesevic 4, Markovic 21 (9 rebounds, index 34), Dozic 13, Acimovic 5, Vlajic 9, Milosavcevic 4.

Photo: Mega Mozzart/Ivica Veselinov