All first team players and coaching staff of Mega vaccinated against Covid 19 virus

All first team players and the entire coaching staff of Mega Soccerbet were vaccinated against the COVID19 virus at the Institute of Public Health “Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut” in Belgrade. Thus, the break between the end of the league part of the regional competition and the beginning of the Serbian Super League was used in the best possible way to immunize the entire team.

– Above all, we wanted to protect all our players and coaches with this act, but also to show responsibility in the times of the global pandemic. I would like to thank the Basketball Association of Serbia, which made all this possible, but also the people at the Institute of Public Health “Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut” who organized and conducted everything as professionally as possible – said the General manager of Mega, Goran Cakic.

Photo: Mega Soccerbet