The cadets of Mega Bemax in the match of the 9th round of the Triglav Cadet League of Serbia convincingly defeated Konstantin in Nis with 74:107 (20:27, 21:34, 20:24, 13:22). Coach Veselin Petrovic’s player had a 20 point lead already at halftime, after which the win was not in the question.

The most efficient in the Mega Bemax ranks were Oleksandr Kobzytyi with 23 points and Nikola Djapa with 18.

After 9 rounds played, U17 Mega has score 8-1 and in the next round will host Vizura.

Mega Bemax: Milutinovic 5, Kompirovic 12, Jovic 17, Vucurovic 7 (7 rebounds, 8 assists), Jonovic 2, Marjanovic 8, Mirovic, Djapa 18 (11 rebounds), Stanojevic 15, Kobzytyi 23 (index 33).

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov