Branko Milisavljevic was promoted to the head coach of OKK Beograd. Now former coach of the Mega Bemax juniors with whom he achieved a fantastic success by winning the second place in the F8 junior Euroleague tournament in Vitoria, will next season led from the bench first team of OKK Belgrade.

On that occasion, a press conference was organized in the premises of OKK Belgrade where, besides the new coach Branko Milisavljevic, spoke also the club’s president, Aleksandar Milosevic, now former coach Branislav Vicentic, as well as the reinforcement of the club for the next season Marko Brekic.

The new coach of OKK Belgrade Branko Milisavljevic stressed that he was very pleased that he was given the opportunity to work in the giant of Serbian basketball:

– I would like to thank my former teammate and colleague Branislav Vicentic, he left legacy to my future associates and me a truly valuable capital, and a great obligation to continue with similar principles and the path behind our club. Personally, I am very pleased as a player who grew up in other times, was part of the system of the oldest Serbian clubs, that I have the opportunity to continue my professional development giant of basketball. This fact and challenge is pleasing to me in a personal and professional sense. As far as the expectations, goals and the players are concerned, in the coming period there will be more concrete information about it. Once again I would like to thank my colleague and my friend Vica, a really great season is behind OKK Beograd. There is no philosophy and wisdom, we continue on a similar principle and method, it is certain that we will be one of the youngest teams, we will try to play fast and nice basketball, that the players will try to show by their behavior and attitude towards the sport why they are he. One of them will be Marko Brekic, who was one of the best players in the Final Junior Euroleague tournament in Vitoria. Marko has debuted before he turner 18 for the first team of Mega two days ago in the semi-final of the Superleague against Zvezda, which is a fantastic opportunity and a message for all future players. Continuity of work and affirmation of young players will surely continue in the future,

Milisavljevic said.

– The season that was finished was one of the most successful in the past decade, This was the first year of our business-technical cooperation with Mega, and I have to emphasize that we are very pleased with this, and the results are testament to this. After many years in which we fought for survival, this time we finished KLS in fourth place and we have been representing club decently in SuperLeague,

began the story of Aleksandar Milosevic, president of the OKK Beograd, and then added:

– In addition to the first team in the last season, we achieved good results and a significant breakthrough with the youth selections we have formed and I am confident that they will continue to deliver even better results. There are new challenges ahead. In front of our hall we will open an open court that takes the name prof. Dr. Radomir Saper, and we will also make a plateau of Bora Stankovic. So we will keep the memories of the giants not only of OKK Beograd but also Serbian basketball,

said Milosevic who took the opportunity to thank former coach Branislav Vicentic and to wish good luck to the new head coach Branko Milisavljevic.

The former OKK Beograd coach, Branislav Vićentic, emphasized that he was honored to return and as a trainer in a club where he played at one time:

– A year ago we presented a new concept for OKK Beograd. We announced that the team will be young and then I promised to play a different basketball and that we will try to be aggressive in defense and fluttering in the attack. We did it all, but we also promoted young players. The success we have made is the good work and support of all the people from the club, but also the fans. I especially want to thank all the people in the coaching staff on a very professional and excellent cooperation,

said Vicentic.

He stressed that the team had an average of 19.3 years and especially reflected on the performance of young players:

Two playmakers Music and Jovicic had a fantastic teacher in the face of Nenad Miljenovic. They quickly accepted the advice, absorbed the knowledge and carried the club to the fourth place in KLS. It should not be forgotten that they played against basketball players who have more first-season matches than Music or Jovicic years. Also, I would point out Langovic and Cerovina, who are still juniors, who left an extraordinary seal,

said Vicentic

In the upcoming season, the colors of the OKK Belgrade will be defended by junior of Mega Marko Brekic who made his impressions:

– I am very pleased to be a member of this club with such a great history. I will try to give maximum at every practice and match, in order to achieve the best possible results which OKK Beograd deserves,

Brekic said.

After the press conference, the contract with OKK Belgrade was signed by Aleksa Markovic, another junior of Mega, who became the first official reinforcement of “Klonferi” in the new season.

Photo: OKK Beograd/Ivica Veselinov