The first day of the Final Tournament Road Junior League of Serbia (U19), which is organized by Mega Bemax and being played in Mega Factory hall in Belgrade and Mega Bemax, Crvena zvezda mts, Partizan NIS and Beko will continue fight for the title on Saturday.

Schedule for Saturday:

12:00: Crvena zvezda mts – Beko
14:30: Mega Bemax – Partizan NIS

Everyone in the hall was first welcomed by the General Manager Mega Bemax Goran Cakic, and then General Secretary of the Basketball Association of Serbia, Dejan Tomasevic, opened the tournament.

Mega Bemax juniors advanced to the semifinals of Roda Junior League of Serbia since they won against Vojvodina with 122:67 (25:15, 39:13, 36:22, 22:17) in the Mega Factory Hall in Belgrade. The players of the coach of Vlada Vukoicic dictated the pace throughout the whole course of the game and already resolved the question of the winner at half time which ended with 64:28. The dominance of Mega’s players is enough to indicate the number of rebounds (53) and assists (35).

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Altin Islamovic with 22 points and Andrija Marjanovic with 20 while Veljko Mrdak scored 14 points in Vojvodina.

After the initial exchange of points, Mega’s players in the middle of the first period with excellent defense came to easy points in the offence and slowly get advantage of 25:15 after the first 10 minutes of the game. In the second quarter Mega’s players played even stronger in the defense, where they continued with several steals to reach the new points, so the advantage increased to 27 points in the 16th minute, 48:21 and at half-time went to 64:28.

Mega did not drop the pedal on the gas even in the third quarter where, with a number of attractive moves, they reached plus 50, 100:50 before the last 10 minutes. In the fourth quarter with a routine game Mega brought match to the end for the final 122:67.

Mega Bemax: Music 8, Drobnjak 5 (7 assists), Miskovic 16, Jovanovic 13 (7 rebounds), Kljajevic 6, Nedeljkovic 4 (3 blocks), Marjanovic 20, Langovic 18, Cerovina 2 (7 assists), Kuzmanovic 4 (7 assists), Mehic 4, Islamovic 22.

Vojvodina: Pejovic 12, Gutovic, Curcic 10, Sucur 11, Mrdak 14, Minovski 10, Obradovic, Egic 6, Pajic 2, Nesic 2.

In the first quarter-final match of the Final Tournament, Crvena zvezda mts was better than Polet from Ratina with 79:49 (21:15, 16:14, 22:10, 20:10). Crvena zvezda got the lead from the start of the match, in second quarter they had plus 13, but Polet played good in defense and halt-fime result was 37:29.

n the third quarter, Zvezda resolved the match completely closing all paths to the basket and the result before the last quarter was 59:39. In the last 10 minutes, Crvena zvezda have routinely brought the match to the end for the final 79:49.

The best in the ranks of the Crvena zvezda mts were Nemanja Popovic with 13, and Ranko Simovic and Zoran Paunovic both with 12 points, while Niksa Perunicic scored 18 points in the Polet Ratina.

Crvena zvezda mts: Pavicevic, Simovic 12 (9 rebounds), Jovanovic 4, Popovic 13, Isailovic, Lakic 2, Vasic 9 (8 rebounds), Paunovic 12, Radakovic 6, Tomasevic 10, Cojbasic 3, Zivanovic 8.

Polet Ratina: Pavlovic, Petrovic 1, Tasic 8, Radicevic, Perunicic 18, Spasojevic 4, Stefanovic 2, R. Tomasevic 6, Perisic 10, S. Tomasevic, Sevic.

In the second quarter-finals, Beko beat Mladost from Cacak with 55:54 (9:20, 25:12, 10: 8, 11:14). Beko had major problems in the offence at the start of the match, but that was compensated by a superb defence and they got back from minusof 11 points from the first quarter, after which they went with a lead 34:32 at the half-time.

The third quarter was inefficient on both sides, as a total of 18 points was scored, so Beko had 4 points advantage before the last 10 minutes, 44:40. In an exciting finish at the result 55:54, Mladost missed both free throws with 6 seconds to go and then after a offensive rebounds and a missed shot from the corner for win in the last second started celebration of players of Beko.

Beko: Babic 10, Stanisic 3, Skorić 7, Borovcanin 10, Matic 1, Stanojevic 3, Jovanovic, Kolarcć, Kovacevic 20 (9 rebounds), Vidovic 1, Kitanovic.

Mladost Cacak: A. Krsmanovic 9, Radovanovic 3, Babovic, Zdravkovic 10, Nikolic, S. Krsmanovic 8 (10 rebounds), Susic 5, Dragicevic 4, Nenadic 6, Milosevic 5, Pejovic 4 (9 rebounds), Matijasevic.

Partizan NIS won against Dynamic VIP PAY with 76:67 (16:13, 24:22, 21:13, 15:19) in the last quarter-final match on the first day of the Final Tournament of Roda Junior League of Serbia.

The best in Partizan was Marko Pecarski with 22 points, while Vuk Vulikic scored 30 points in the Dynamic.

Partizan first reached advantage (14:6) in the middle of the first quarter, but Dynamic reduced the minus to 3 points by the end of the period, 16:13. A similar story was in the second quarter after Partizan was not able to get significantly advantage, so at the halftime the result was 40:35.

In the third quarter, Partizan played brilliantly to the very end, where at one point he had 21 points advantage, but guests with a 0:8 series went with more tolerable minus 13, 61:48. In the final quarter Dinamic with 4 minutes to the end reduced the difference to 6 points, but Partizan denied the attack and eventually celebrated with 76:67.

Partizan NIS: Davitkov, Brekic 11, Karapandzic 3, Adzic 5, Z. Popovic 2, A. Popovic 14, Tadic 10 (7 assists), Novakovic, Segota, Rutesic 5, Tanaskovic 4, Pecarski 22.

Dynamic VIP PAY: Tejic 6, Pajic, Petrovic, Stojilkovic, Vulikic 30, Jovic, Obradovic 5, Vasiljević 17 (9 rebounds), Grbovic 3, Djakovic, Grujanic 4, Kostic 2.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov