Players of Mega Leks were unable to the fourth consecutive time to qualify for the finals of “Piraeus Bank – Radivoj Korac Cup” after in the hall Cair in Nis lost to Partizan NIS with 65:77 (14:20, 22:19, 13:23, 16:15). Mega got the match out of control at the end of the third and beginning of the last quarter when Partizan reached the double digit lead, which is not dropped by end of the match.

Best in the ranks of Mega Leks were Ognjen Jaramaz with 23 points and Alpha Kaba with a double-double of 12 points and 12 rebounds, while in Partizan the best Novica Velickovic with 19 points.

Dejan Milojevic started the match with the following five: Novak, Mushidi, Zagorac, Spasojevic and Kaba. Mega had very bad start of the match and Partizan led with 0:10. The series breaks Kaba with three pointer, but Partizan was againt good in offence and came to plus 12, 5:17. Rebic with three rised Megu and Mushidi and Jaramaz joined him, and the first quarter finished with 14:20.

Mega opens the second quarter with threes of Tejic and Jaramaz and after Zagorac points, the result is a tied 24:24, but Partizan took the lead back. In the next few minutes was played basket for basket and after the three of Novak, Mega was down to 2 points difference, 36:38 but until the end of a quarter failed to capitalize it, so the score is 36:39.

The second half opened with Partizan 0:6 then Kaba with second attempt hit basket. Partizan goes to plus 10, Rebic and Novak hit threes for 44:50 in the 27th minute. Partizan after that subsequently punished every mistake of Mege in defense and with the three pointer of Velickovic in the final seconds of the fourth quarter result was 49:62

In the last 10 minutes Mega beside little better defense, failed in offence to play well and Partizan kept the advantage for the final 65:77.

Mega Leks: Mushidi 2, Rebic 6, Jaramaz 23, Spasojevic, Kaba 12 (12 rebounds), Zagorac 4, Simeunovic, Tejic 6, Noval 10, Kapetanovic, Marelja, Samardzski 2.

Partizan NIS: Ratkovica 11, Vrabac 5, Tanaskovic, Velickovic 19, Majstorovic 6, Bircevic 8, Andric 3, Pot 4, Gordon 10, Lukovic 11.

Photo: kss.rs