At the game against Oostende project “Mega Experience” continued within which the guests of the club are young and talented in Mitrovica. Reason for joy was full, and especially for young footballers Valentina Vukovic and Sara Bancevic, who beside Mega’s victory, took a lot of good memories from the match.

Valentina is an excellent student of 7th grade of elementary school “Jovan Popovic” and she is practicing even three sports, football, swimming and triathlon. She is training Football for a year and plays in midfield and on the Serbian championship in triathlon she won the gold medal.

Sara is an excellent student of 7th grade of elementary school “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” and she is tranining football for 7 years. Sara is a great fan of basketball and of course, Mega Leks. Also, she played for football selection of Vojvodina region as a step to the Serbian national team.

Valentina and Sara were welcomed with players Mega Leks in the presentation of the team and then they watched the match from a special place in the colors of Mega. In the break between the first and second quarter they were presented to the audience in the hall PSC Pinki, when they presented their skill in juggling soccer balls. After that they got a big applause from the audience and gift packages from the club.

However, as the most beautiful memories from match to Valentina and Sara will stay photo with their favorite players Mege Mark Tejić and Milos Milisavljevic.


In the break between periods to the audience were shooted shirts of companiy Roda from special sporting rifles. Three happiest spectators who caught colorful shirts, at the halftime competed in shooting threes from half court for a valuable gift of company Roda – plasma TV.

Unfortunately, today did not go to the other plasma TV because the contestants were not accurate even though it could easily happen that the company Roda awarded another lucky spectator. For comfort, all athletes have returned home with gift packages of company Roda.


Photo: Ivica Veselinov/Mega Leks