AK Stojanov in order to support local sport and promoting the right values signed contract with BC Mega Leks from Sremska Mitrovica. With this agreement, captain of Mega Rade Zagorac will drive Fiat500L.

The contract signing ceremony was held in the premises of AK Stojanov. On this occasion, Director Sava Stojanov stressed  out “that the Zagorac and Fiat500L are the pride of Serbia that the world should know”.

Rade Zagorac Brend Ambasador AK Stojanov no6

BC Mega Leks last weekend presented these new colors and team for the season 2016/17. Mega has thus announced the third season in the city where the greatest success in the history of the club were achieved

Rade Zagorac handed new jersey of the club to the representatives of AK Stojanov during the handover Fiat500L.

Rade Zagorac Brend Ambasador AK Stojanov no2

“Fiat500L is more fun to drive than to watch and my daily duties will largely be facilitated! Thank you for your support and I am confident that together we will look forward to winning new titles”, noted Ambassador of brend AK Stojanov Rade Zagorac.

Proudly made in SERBIA – common message through which both parties acknowledge and share the strength, ambition and the will to succeed! See you on the field!