Mega Leks will on Saturday 27th of August at the town beach in Sremska Mitrovica present  team and the club’s new colors for the season 2016/17. Mega will thus announce the third season in the city where they achieved his greatest success in the history of the club.

Compared to last year, when the team was presented at the great promotion on the town square, and this time the Mega prepared something new. Start of program on the beach in Sremska Mitrovica is at 15:00  when the gathered fans will be able to have fun with music and surprise gifts. Arrival of players and the coaching staff is scheduled for 16:45 when they will be presented with the team jersey of the club for the upcoming season. That will be followed with socializing and taking photos with fans.

General Manager of Mega Leks has shown his satisfaction that the Mega Leks will compete next season in Sremska Mitrovica:

“We are very pleased that we will play the third consecutive year in Sremska Mitrovica. We have achieved great cooperation with great support from the audience and we expect this to rise to a higher level in the coming season. Promotion of team at the town beach in Sremska Mitrovica is scheduled for 27th August with a series of surprises. General rehearsal before the start of the season we will have at the 24th of September in hall PSC Pinki against Lukoil”,

said Goran Cakic.

Team Captain Rade Zagorac called on citizens of Mitrovica to attend the promotion of the team in large numbers:

“I would like first of all to express my satisfaction that team stayed Sremska Mitrovica, which has become our home and where we have great support from the stands and with them we won a large number of games last season. I look forward to new meetings and invite citizens of Mitrovica to attend the promotion on Saturday 27th of August at city beach in large numbers and become familiar with our new team”,


said the captain of Mega Leks.

Start of the promotion program is scheduled for Saturday, August 27th from 15:00 at the town beach while general rehearsal before the start of the season will be on 24th of September in Sremska Mitrovica against Lukoil. Mega Leks in the first round of ABA league on 1st of October will welcome Union Olimpija.

Photo: Mega Leks