Players of Mega Leks have mastered Metalac Farmakom with 77:64 (21:14, 18:15, 17:21, 21:14) within the last 26th round of ABA league. Win of Mega is unfortunately overshadowed by injury Jaramaz who at the beginning of the last quarter after a dunk in a counterattack landed awkwardly after which he was carried from the field. After review it was determined that Jaramaz suffered a fracture of the lower leg, but only after additional analysis will be known how much time will this fighter defender be absent from the court.


PHOTO: Mega Leks/Ivica Veselinov

Dejan Milojevic began the match with Ivanovic, LuwawuCabarrot, Simeunovic, Nikolic and Jankovic. Mega well started the match with a series of 10:2 with 7 points of LuwawuCabarrot. Metalac little consolidated in the attack but Mega conserved the lead and a quarter was finished with 21:14.

In the second quarter the Mega reached up to plus 15 plus and particularly pointed Zagorac with a great dunk in the first half for 39:29.



PHOTO: Mega Leks/Ivica Veselinov

In the third quarter othe guests were able to reduce minus after 25 minutes at 47:45 but Mega over Ivanovic and Zagorac managed to repel an attack and entered the final quarter with a plus 6, 56:50.

When Jaramaz dunked for 60:52 in 32nd minute, young point guard of Mega was injured during the landing and did not returned to the game. Metalac managed to hit 3 triples for 67:64 in the 36th minute. Nikolic pops up in the foreground and the Mega with series of 10:0 managed to end the match for the final score 77:64.

At the beginning of the game, audience in the Hall PSC Pinki welcomed players of Mega with thunderous applause and in turn the spectators were rewarded with a T-shirt that were made for winning the Radivoj Korac Cup.

At halftime the girls from WBC Srem competed in basketball skills and company RODA awarded them with packages of their products and basketballs for the club.

Mega completed the league part of the ABA league in fourth place with a score of 17:9 while Metalac managed that despite defeat to stay in the league with 10 wins and 16 losses. Mega Leks in the semifinal of playoff of the ABA league plays against Buducnost VOLI. The first match in Podgorica is scheduled for 14th of March.

YouTube / ABA liga j.t.d. – via Iframely

Mega Leks: Djokovic, Jaramaz 11, Music, Ivanovic (6 assists),  Pavlovic 2 (5 rebounds), Luwawu-Cabarrot 17 (7 rebounds i 5 assists), Zagorac 9 (9 rebounds), Simeunovic 7 (5 rebounds), Nikolic 14 (7 rebounds), Jankovic 10 (8 rebounds i 4 steals).

Metalac Farmakom: Kocovic, Badovinac, Campara, Kutlesic 8, Majstorovic 11, Jevtovic 16, Josilo 5, Rakicevic 7, Djukanovic 2, Todorovic 2, Gabric 13.

Foto: Ivica Veselinov/Mega Leks