Mega once again exciting and difficult match in the ABA league this season, showed that despite the great talent, has a character as in the front of the fulfilled stands of Hall Sports Centre in Niksic defeated Sutjeksa with 68:73.

Despite the absences due to injuries for which in Niksic have not arrived Aranitovic and Veljkovic, as well as problems with personal fouls for which Nikolic, Ivanovic and Simeunovic left the game before end, players of Dejan Milojevic have shown great defense and control of the rebounds (51 rebounds of which 22 were in the attack), and they managed to beat the home team in the match that was very important since Sutjeska wants to avoid relegation.

Nikola Ivanovic pointed out that the unity and defense of Mega decide the winner:

“It’s always nice to play in Niksic because of the good atmosphere in the stands. Sutjeska with the arrival of Jovovic played much tighter than before. We were extremely poor in the attack with a very weak shot for three points but we like many times this season, won the match with good defense and togetherness on the ground “.

Coach of Mega Leks Dejan Milojevic said that team is maturing in such matches. Milojevic first commented on the atmosphere of the match:

“I am pleased that after many years I was a guest in Niksic, which is one of most basketball cities in the former Yugoslavia. They have a great atmosphere in the stands and I would like for them to survive in the ABA league and to hosts here next season”,

Milojevic said and continued commenting about the game:

“I am very happy because we in front of full stands and in this atmosphere defeated opponent for whom this match was very important in the struggle for survival. In this way we are growing up and maturing as a young team. We were extremely combative, 51 rebounds of which as many as 22 were in the attack and it eventually decided the winner. Sutjeska might not have much luck in the finish because if Rush have scored on a fast break in finish, it might be different. I wish them luck in the continuing struggle for survival”,

finished Milojevic.